Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Squaw Lake Again

Wednesday: (03/20)Lunch at a rest stop along the highway. Asparagus rice and sausage. We took a shortcut from Ligurta, about 21 miles East of Yuma, through Dome Valley to the Proving Grounds then on to Squaw Lake to our campsite. Chinese chicken salad for dinner. In the evening, Lou baked some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. I worked on adding photos for the past three weeks worth of posts.
(GPS:32.9034, -114.4767)

Thursday: (03/21) We drove over to Los Algodones to the dentist. Lou was the first customer. I left her there and headed over to the barber for a hair and beard trim. $3 haircuts just can't be passed up. I was also the first customer of the day.

Los Algodones Parade Los Algodones Parade
As I was headed back to meet Lou I had to stop for a children s parade that was passing through town. Lou met me there having already finished getting her bridge adjusted, x-rays and a checkup and then stopping by the taco vendor to see when he started serving. Somehow it seems a haircut shouldn't take longer than all Lou did? We had to wait about 40 minutes for out very early lunch of tacos just after 10am. They were excellent as usual. We then crossed quickly back into the US since it was so early and headed over to Yuma to do our thrift store visits and a little shopping before returning home. On the way home we stopped for date shakes. I then enjoyed a nice shower to get rid of the little hairs left from my trim. Then a relaxing evening. Granola and bananas for breakfast. Shrimp tacos with vanilla milk shakes for lunch. Date milk shakes for an afternoon delight. Chili beans from the freezer for dinner.

Squaw Lake Hedge Hog Flowers Squaw Lake Yellow Flowers
Squaw Lake Flowers are now in bloom.

Friday: (03/22) After breakfast we drove over to the Yuma Foothills and visited with a couple we met last time we were here, Marvin, Carol and Cooper (the dog). After the visit we returned to the RV at the lake and prepared to leave. Before leaving we had lunch. We drove up to Quartzsite where we stopped for the night.

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