Saturday, January 31, 2015

PCT 2015 Plans

I plan on continuing my PCT hike this year. On March 26th I continued Northbound from mile 207 (Palm Springs) where I stopped the first time last year. Lou has required that I check in regularly so she can confirm I'm not killing myself. For that reason, I'll be doing about 250 mile sections (about two-two and one half weeks out) before she will pick me up and I will take some time off. Since my hike has turned in to a Section Hike, this is not a problem. I'll try to hike up to Kennedy Meadows in two outings and then possibly go through the Sierras on a third outing.

Schedule (tentative)

03/26 Mile 207 (Highway 10) to Mile 342 at I15, Cajon Pass. On 04/05 I decided to take a week off here due to an impending snow storm just ahead.

04/12 I returned to Cajon Pass and hiked to Acton, MM444. Again, I decided to take a break due to serious hay fever and a sore knee.

The hay fever was cleared easily but the sore knee hasn't improved enough to return to the trail as of 05/03. Due to this delaym if my knee gets better I may skip more desert for this year and start somewhere further North.

??/?? MM444 at Action to MM566 at Highway 58 at Tehachapi. 122 miles.

??/?? MM56 Highway 58 at Tehachapi to MM703 at Kennedy Meadows. 137 miles.

If allowed, then I may get another section below:

??/??  Mile 703 (KM) to Mile 1093 (South Lake Tahoe) = up to 32 days.

If I'm lucky I may get to do this next section:

??/?? Mile 1093 (So Lake Tahoe)  to Mile 1507 = up to 32 days.

And then if I'm really lucky, the weather is great and I'm actually a bit ahead of schedule I may complete the hike by doing the final section below:

??/?? Mile 1507 (Dunsmuir) to Mile 2155 (Cascade Locks).

In reality, in order to maintain a happy home life I'll probably only do the first two sections this year. However, it is doable this year at my estimated 15 miles per day. If I step it up to 20 miles a day, who knows?

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