Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Hawk’s Visit

Tuesday: (05/31) Dawn and I dropped Lou off for a meeting and then we went to breakfast at the Country Inn and shared a nice breakfast. I then dropped Dawn off in San Jose and went shopping. I bought a new printer for the RV. The exiting one is unreadable now. The new one also allows for printing from our phones using its NFC link. Now that the satellite system is gone, The wired network is superfluous as well. Later I picked Lou up and we stopped at Chili’s to get some soup for lunch.
Wilton New House Construction 0531160836_HDR Enchiladas 0531161924_HDR
The house across the street got it’s rook trusses delivered today. I relaxed most of the afternoon and then made enchiladas for dinner. These are lazy mans enchiladas and not rolled. Tomorrow I’ll start bugging the RV repair hop again. Hopefully we’ll go get it tomorrow. In the evening a hawk swooped down in the yard finding its dinner and eating it first on our swing then in our redwood tree.

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