Thursday, May 12, 2016

Artificial Intelligence

Thursday: (05/12) I took the day off today. Lou and Dawn were off to San Jose. I managed to wear myself out these past three days climbing around the RV and under the kitchen counters. I spent some time with online video training courses and napping. In the evening I took a walk up into the Palo Alto hills to the Pivotal offices for a Meeting. The UX Design for Developers, Designers, and PMs had a meetup about Design for Artificial Intelligence. I’ve been a member of the group for a while but this is the first meeting I’ve attended with them. There were 160 people signed up but only about 60 attended. It was quite interesting and informative. Among other things, I now know that I’m way behind the curve and need to include AI in any mobile applications I develop. Here I was just trying to move from Windows to Mobile. After the presentation, we broke up into small groups to come up with ideas for a mobile apps using AI. Each group then made a presentation about their idea. Ours was an app that used the camera and voice to aid with a proper diet and help keep the user on track with their diet something like a weight watcher  counselor in your pocket. The camera would identify food items and quantities. It could work. An interesting meeting and people. I’m not usually a person who likes the team efforts and elevator pitch kind of thing though. It was only a two mile walk up to the meeting, and another two back but it was a real effort to do the walk. I must be tired. Granola for breakfast, ham and cheese for a late lunch, and a late dinner of a artichoke stuffed mushroom and cold cuts after the meeting.

Meetup UX AI Meeting 0512161842b_HDR Meetup UX AI Meeting 0512161849_HDR
A couple of the presentation slides.
Meetup UX AI_449912093 Arastradero Pathway SOF Foothill 0512162008_HDR
Don’t I look interested? The walk home on the Arastradero bike path is quite nice.

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