Friday, August 4, 2017

Extra Smoke At Our Wiener Roast

Friday: (08/04) I was off shopping again this morning. I left the box fan I bought last night at Walmart at the store. I was totally shocked when they told me to go back and get one from the shelf. I have a better opinion of Walmart now. I also stopped at Sprouts and got some trail snacks. Turns out to only be half what I need. I went through the resupply box inventories again. Still a few items to add. Still need to do the equipment. I was so busy with the inventories I missed the arrival of the ten fire trucks fighting a fire at the house diagonally across the street. It’s a four-plex with no one home. The mailman knocked on all the doors, called 911 and quickly departed the area so he wouldn’t be stuck in the area by all the trucks. It was a two alarm fire with two trucks from the city of Mountain View as well. Two big ladder trucks and five pumpers, an ambulance and two chief's SUV’s and another pickup. Today we were celebrating Ernie’s birthday, a couple of weeks late, by having a wiener roast in the backyard. Our guests were passed by the fire trucks coming onto the street to our house and worried it might be our fire that got out of hand. It didn’t. My phone’s battery is dying too quickly so I ordered a new one hopefully arriving before my hike. Sausage and maple bar for breakfast. Leftover enchiladas for lunch. Campfire cooked hotdogs for dinner.


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