Saturday, February 29, 2020

Second Week In San Jose

Saturday: (02/29) I walked over to La Victoria Taqueria for breakfast. I love their Orange Sauce. After breakfast, I took a walk around downtown and checked out the restaurants. Back home I went through my ballot and finished it then drove it over to the Registrar Of Voters Office. Done. Then I called Lou and Ernie and cleared the calendar for our Pinnacles visit. Unfortunately there were no RV sites available for reservation. There are a number that are first come first serve so I’ll hope we can get one since we will be arriving Sunday. I prepared and published my next Pinnacles hikes. I had a Lou’s chorizo chicken meat patty with mashed potatoes and carrots for dinner.

Sunday: (03/01) I worked inside the apartment cleaning out and organizing the closet. In the evening I worked on the taxes. Waffles for breakfast. Cottage cheese and fruit for lunch. Dinner was pizza from Sammy G's Pizzeria a couple of blocks from home.

Monday: (03/02) Granola with banana for breakfast. After breakfast I went grocery shopping at Smart and Final and Walmart. I stocked up on some extra food in case I do get quarantined, or want to be. I also got some more tubs to use on the shelves in the closet for tools and supplies. I had some chili beans with sausage for lunch. After lunch I got busy outside stripping the paint from the outside of the eves and then sanded it. After that I was able to move my scaffold back closer to the house and on the sidewalk so it’s more stable. I removed the other rafter support arm so it can be stripped and then adjusted to fit better. Then I cleaned up. After a welcome shower, I prepared some leftover chicken and artichoke with rice for dinner.

Tuesday: (03/03) Granola and banana for breakfast. I picked up some Smart And Final store brand granola and tried it this morning. It;s about ⅔ the cost of Sprouts, which is ⅔ the cost of everyone else. Pretty good. It’s not my favorite French Vanilla. It’s an oat based granola and is gluten free as well. I worked removing more paint until my heat gun failed. I headed off to Harbor Freight to get another, actually two. Doing the last half of the house used up three of them. In the afternoon I finished up the under eaves and upper wall. I prepared a hamburger for lunch with one of Lou’s chorizo chicken patties. For dinner I went to Sweet Tomatoes Salad Buffet to get some vegetables.

Wednesday: (03/04) Waffles for breakfast. I relaxed until just before 0900. Lou requested that I drop by her pot shop to get some CBD oil. So, I'm now a registered pot customer. After returning home I started to get ready to work on the paint job. But, I then attended my 1000 webinar before actually starting. I stripped the paint off the vent louver and detailed the removal from the cracks and seems as well as a little stripping lower down around the window. After cleaning up I walked down to a different nearby 7Eleven to pick up some sanding sponges I ordered on Amazon. My local 7Eleven didn’t have space in their Amazon Lockers. I tried to get dinner at a Mexican restaurant but failed. With 4 wait people and few customers No one ever took my order. I stopped by Subway for a sandwich before getting home. Lunch was a English muffin chorizo burger and some cottage cheese.

Thursday: (03/05) It was hard to get to work today. It was made harder because I had to watch the tree crew removing several trees from a neighbor. Fun to watch the aerial show climbing with ropes and a chainsaw 60 feet in the air. I did finish stripping the wall by Dawn apartment except for about 5 square feet below a window. Granola and banana for breakfast. A sausage sandwich and cottage cheese for lunch. Dinner at Sweet Tomatoes again.

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