Monday, September 20, 2010

Our Newer Toad To Be

Our New Jeep Toad
Monday: (09/20) We all got up early for this important day. I fixed some Don McMuffin sandwiches to give us energy. At 9:15 we stopped by Sanford Motors and picked up our newer car, a 1997 Jeep Cherokee. We took it to A1-Auito teck In Mountain View for a check to see if there is anything seriously wrong with it. We saw this last week and put a deposit on it  but had to wait until today for our appointment to get it checked out. After we dropped it off, even though we had what should have been a hearty breakfast, we stopped in downtown Mountain View at the  Hong Kong bakery for some treats. We also stopped by the Nob Hill Market for a few things and then returned home to wait for the call that the jeep was ready. At home we tinkered. I didn't do too much since I wanted to be clean enough to go get the jeep when it was ready. I did saw a few logs from the bay tree to the required size to go to the dump. About 3:30 we went to pickup the jeep. It was confirmed it is in good shape so we returned to Stanford Motors and paid for it. Now it is ours.

Now the fun begins. It has to be setup as a toad with the tow bar and brakes compatible with the RV. It also needs some skid plates and possibly to be raised two inches. The RV also needs new front tires and alignment so lots to do, as if the perpetual fence project weren't enough. But, this all needs to be done so we can go have some fun soon.

We had some baked chicken for lunch and Lou fixed a nice home made chicken pot pie for dinner.

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