Friday, April 8, 2011

Bullhed City, Davis Camp

Friday: (04/08) We were settled into Davis Camp by 1230. The weather was nice for our drive. The winds stayed away and the snow ended shortly after we started our descent toward I40 from our campsite in Mojave Preserve. We went over to Laughlin and enjoyed lunch at Casa Sereno restaurant in the Riverside Casino. After lunch we looked around the casinos and walked the river walk before returning home. We had some of Lou's beef stew for dinner and shared a Cinabon roll as desert. As I write this, it is turning dark and the lights are reflecting on the river in front of our campsite.

Old Fighter Plans Ready For Take Off WWII Fighters Over Laughlin, Nv
Saturday: (04/09) Leftover pancakes and sausage for breakfast. We headed out on a thrift shop and garage sale run but had difficulty find the first one and ended up above the airport. The Legends Of The Air fly in air show was in town for the weekend. The airshow was supposed to begin so we stopped for a while to watch. A squadron of six WWII fighters took off and bussed around the area for a while.

WWII Fighters Laughlin Nevada
A B29 bomber (the only one still flying) was supposed to arrive but never showed up. It was evidently worried about the bad weather and wind gusts.  After an hour or so Lou dropped me off at the RV and continued the thrift shop quest.

I stayed at home and worked on the Motosat dish. It's acting up again, just like it did before it was supposedly fixed two months ago. I thought that maybe the high winds had affected it but everything on the roof looked good and the wiring tests good so either the same upper control board is bad, again or the controller is bad. Not really good. Not sure if it will get fixed before we head North. It's a good thing we also have our phones for internet access and are in an area with a good signal.

Lunch was a ham sandwich. While the weather this morning was pretty good, in the afternoon the high winds and rain returned for a while. By dinner time they were both gone again. We went over to the Pioneer Casino for dinner at the Boarding House Restaurant. We enjoyed their baby back rib special dinner. We visited the casinos on the lower end of the river walk. We spent some time at Harrah's playing keno before returning home.

Sunday: (04/10) Toasted English Muffins for breakfast. We drove out Christmas Tree Pass road a which starts a few miles West of Laughlin off Highway 163 and heads over to Cal Nev Ari and Highway 95. It's a dirt road in pretty good shape.

Pond Along Grapevine Canyon A Road Block In Grapevine Canyon
Along the way we stopped for a hike into Grapevine Canyon. Really interesting area. We had V8 juice and apple Strudel for lunch.

Orange Flower Thistle
Some flowers were seen in the upper canyon.

Flower Cactus Flower
The flower on the left is the most in bloom version I've seen. the white cactus flower was a first. Most have been purple.

Cactus Flower Cactus Flower
Like these. The flower on the right seems to have a green bush in the flower. It's actually the way the flower are.

Cottonwoods In Grapevine Canyon Petroglyphs At Grapevine Canyon
Several small groves of cottonwood trees as you go up the canyon as well as lots of grapevines. At the beginning of the canyon there are a lot of petroglyphs on the rocks.

Christmas Pass Road
The road on to Cal Nev Ari was mostly uneventful. Some nice views of the desert and it is a good road but not for the RV.

When I dropped Lou off at the Pioneer Casino so she could visit with slot friends. I looked around a video store and returned home to read. Lou called when she was ready for dinner. I drove over to The Riverside Casino's Arizona parking lot and caught to boat to the riverside. Lou was on the boat to meet me. We went down to the Edgewater so lou could get some prime rib for dinner. I had a pot roast sandwich. We have lots of new neighbors tonight. This afternoon the B29 bomber made a flight around the area. Interesting thing to see, especially flying.

Monday: (04/11) Strawberry pancakes and sausage for breakfast. We readied to leave, did our tank service and headed downtown to get the last of the cheaper Arizona gas. The RV was hungry. We did some grocery shopping and also did our laundry. With all that accomplished, Lou fixed some Chinese chicken salad (shredded cabbage with chicken and peanuts and a special sauce). It's her copy of the lunch we had in Joshua Tree at JT's Country Kitchen. We moved up to the Riverside Casino parking lot on the Arizona side of the river and caught the boat over to the river walk. We intended to do a little geocaching near the casinos but were interrupted by a couple of sights in the sky.

Rainbow Clouds or Sun Dogs Rainbow Clouds or Sun Dogs
There were a couple of rainbow colored clouds to the South. We'd never seen something like them before but someone said they were called something like Sun Dogs.

B29 In Flight Over Bullhead City
We also saw the B29 taking off again. I had to get pictures of both. We also met an interesting couple sitting at a table outside. They had been to Alaska so that was a major topic of discussion. Finally we decided we had to get a move on so we stopped at McDonald's in the Edgewater Casino for fudge sundaes the caught the boat back to get the RV, hooked up and were off. The weather was nice, no winds all the way up to Boulder City. We headed North along Lake Mead stopping at the first campground, Boulder beach for the night.
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