Thursday, April 28, 2011

Home For A Visit

Thursday: (04/28) Home for a while to prepare to leave for Alaska in very early June. Courtney and Dawn had a campfire dinner planned for tonight. Hot dogs toasted over a nice fire. The fire was typical with the smoke following me in any direction.

Wilton Arbor
We got  to see how the arbor looked with the wisteria blooms even thought it's a little past prime viewing.

Friday: (04/29) Granola with yogurt and honey for breakfast. I spent the day going through the mail and other business related tasks. Lou was busy washing and cleaning out the RV. A ham sandwich for lunch. Spaghetti for dinner.

Spunky The Kitten Spunky The Kitten
The kitten with no name seems to have picked up the title "Spunky" thought maybe it chould be called "Thrifty". it does have a lot of spunk.

Spunky The Kitten Spunky The Kitten
The kitten is always busy when awake and demands attention. Since it is so small, it's easy to pack away for travel, or a shack? It was found with the odd lion hairdo. The rear of the kitten was close cropped with a tassel on the end of the tail. Sorry for the fuzzy pictures but the cat is faster than the camera on my phone.

Saturday: (04/30) PBJ English muffins for breakfast. I started the day with some weeding in the back yard. I tried to fix Ernie's macerater but couldn't get a replacement impeller easily so loaned him ours. I then vacuumed, washed  and detailed the Jeep, also washed the Volvo and the RV. There were several other tasks that occupied part of the day as well. Lou was busy with the laundry, servicing the cooler and other tasks. She and Dawn also had their hair cut. I had a ham sandwich for lunch. For dinner we all had cabbage with onions and hot dogs.

Sunday: (05/01) Lou fixed a toasted bread with hot dog, cheese and onions for breakfast. After breakfast we went upto the Hidden Villa farm in Los Altos Hills. It has a working farm and lots of hiking trails in addition to a hostel and education center. 

Hidden Villa In Los Altos Hidden Villa In Los Altos
We enjoyed a little walk on one of the trails. the water was flowing really well. They must have had  some good rains recently.

Hidden Villa In Los Altos Hidden Villa In Los Altos
There are several garden areas. You can even buy some of the vegetables.

Hidden Villa In Los Altos Hidden Villa In Los Altos
Also some nice flowers in the garden.

Hidden Villa In Los Altos
This miners lettuce was seen on the trail.

Hidden Villa In Los Altos Hidden Villa In Los Altos
They use natural fertilization with this moving chicken coup (left). It's much like ours was when we had chickens. There were several guided tours going through the farm like this kids birthday party. (right)

On our way home we stopped at the Original pancake House in Los altos for lunch. Lou and Dawn shared an apple pancake while I had some Swiss pancakes, only because they had just the one apple pancake which is like a Dutch Baby with apples on it. For dinner we had sausage with Spanish rice and fresh asparagus.

Monday: (05/02) Lou and Dawn were off early to Mountain View. Lou had a doctors appointment and Dawn checked out the book store. They enjoyed breakfast at the Hong Kong bakery. I was off to San Jose to visit at where i used to work. Nice to see everyone. While much is the same lots has changed as well. No, I don't miss work! I checked some work that the city was supposed to do at the house there and then stopped for lunch downtown at Super Taqueria for a burrito. I worked in the office all afternoon doing trip research and uploading recent pictures. For dinner we went over to Stanford and had dinner with a friend. Lou catered salmon, broccoli and carrots, and rice.

Tuesday: (05/03) I had a doctor's appointment today. Nice to get them out of the way without having to drive a few hundred miles to the office.

(05/04) Oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast. I pruned the tree that bothers the RV in it's space. For some reason that wore me out so I didn't do much else until late in the afternoon when I started to clean out the sump for our sump pump. It's a five foot deep 3'x2' pit that fills up with leaves and other debris over time.

Thursday: (05/05) Ernie and I installed his new cooler. I welded up a stand for it. It works nicely and even the doggies like it. In the process I made three trips to the hardware store and a stop by the welding supply store. On the first trip I stopped by the Subway sandwich shop for breakfast. It's nice to get a breakfast sandwich just like you want. On the last trip I stopped by for lunch at Costco. I like the chicken bake there. I also checked on new tires for the Jeep there. Lou and Dawn were out all day. Lou had a couple of doctors appointments. Lou made chicken fettuccine for dinner.

Friday: (05/06) Lou fixed a chicken, cheese and sprouts omelet for breakfast. I took a walk around the neighborhood mostly to check on a construction project a few blocks away to see what's going in to an old auto dealership. Turns out two dealerships are going in where the one was. We were hoping for a nice restaurant. Other than that I did a couple of little projects in the yard and not much else. Lou did some gardening and then went out shopping in the afternoon. Cabbage and sausage for dinner.

Dawn took this photo of Spunky on the scale Courtney took this photo of Spunky at his new home
Saturday: (05/07) Lou and Dawn took care of a necessary project. Dawn's allergy to cats has been too much so a good home for Spunky had to be found. Dawn's friend Courtney stepped up to take Spunky and they delivered the kitten to it's new home this morning. Spunky has been gaining weight, a couple of ounces per day, up from just one. Later, they went to a Pow-Wow at Stanford university. They topped off their day with visits to some garage sales and some homes being salvaged.

I intended to do a couple of things at home then go out for the day. It didn't work out. I got carried away. I started with the idea to use the "Webster" brush and clean the dust and spider webs off the siding of the house. That led to cleaning the leaves off the sun room roof. Next, I installed a new impeller in Ernie's macerator pump. It now works like a champ again. That's where I should have stopped. But, I then I thought I'd move some of the plants out of the green house into the yard. That took the rest of the day. I also picked up some molding from the neighbors house. She's replacing all her windows and the molding is being replaced as well. The salvaged molding matches our five flute pattern and I may need some more when I rework our closets so I grabbed it and pulled out the nails and placed into storage. 

Don McMuffin's for breakfast. Sausage, garlic fries, and corn on the cob for lunch. Dinner BBQ ribs, baked potatoes, and fresh spinach.

Sunday: (05/08) Happy Mother's day! Dawn and Courtney were busy early fixing peach crepes for breakfast. Lou and I visited Spunky the kitten over at Courtney's place. For lunch we went to Harry's Hofbrau in Redwood City. Lou really likes prime rib but we (I) are too cheap and Lou accepted a rain-check on the rib until one of our favorite places has a special and no crowds. Dawn and I had stuffed peppers and Lou had pastrami. Dawn went to a story telling meeting in the evening so Lou and I had our usual Chinese dinner at the New Tung Kee Restaurant. After dinner we took a walk in Walmart's and found a screened dining canopy that we wanted to add to our RV stock so we can enjoy dinners outside when the creatures are out for their dinners as well, We've gotten by until now with the ocassional retreat to the inside of the RV but in Alaska there might be even more need.

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