Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kalaloch CG, Olympic NP

Sunday: (10/16) Lou made corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. We prepared to leave. Of course, everything doesn't always go as planned. The Jeep battery was weak and it ran rough and died enough to kill the battery. That meant we couldn't hook it up because it didn't run well enough to go through the routine to prepare it to tow. I don't want to assume any part of the procedure described in the operations manual can be changed without possibly causing damage to the transmission or transfer case so we just jump started the Jeep and drove it along with the RV to our next campsite at Kalaloch CG.

Olympic NP Kalaloch CG Olympic NP Kalaloch Beach
We settled in to a nice pull-through that almost had an ocean view. There were several nice ocean view sites but all were back-in. After the drive down to our new site, the Jeep was running better. We wanted to be sure we could leave easily in the morning so we hooked up the Jeep, thus the need for the pull through site. Tomorrow we'll be in Aberdeen to get our mail and will see about getting a new battery. For lunch we had spaghetti and coleslaw. The weather was nice today.

Olympic NP Kalaloch Beach   Olympic NP Kalaloch Beach
We enjoyed a walk on the beach. They have a very nice beach here. Above is a beach view of our campsite. Some nice rocks at the end of the beach.

We happened to meet a couple that has been at several of our recent campsites. We were next to them at Fort Worton, meet them again at Hoh CG, and now here at Lalaloch CG. Dinner was Lou's Mexican cornbread and a green salad. We enjoyed another campfire this evening. Wow, four nights nice enough for a campfire! That's more than all the rest of this trip.

Monday: (10/17) Up early, leftover corned beef hash and biscuits for breakfast.

Olympic NP Kalaloch Beach Olympic NP Kalaloch Beach
We started the day with a long walk on the beach this morning. The weather was wonderful again. Above is a small waterfall at the end of the beach and a view of the rocks. Lou's about to meet the waves.

Olympic NP Kalaloch Beach Olympic NP Kalaloch Beach
Morning view of the beach. The high tide left some interesting sand patterns.

When we returned we prepared to leave. It didn't take long since we had already hooked up the Jeep last night.
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