Sunday, February 10, 2013

Boulder Beach, Lake Mead, Nv

Sunday: (02/10) Baked ham, pepper, and onion omelet for breakfast. We buttoned up the RV and cruised on down the Northshore Highway down to Boulder Beach near Hoover Dam.

Boulder Dam
We had lunch at the hacienda Casino and then stopped at Hoover Dam for a look. Dinner was a Greek salad, lettuce, olives, artichokes, and feta cheese.
(GPS: 36.03823267, -114.80255787)

Monday: (02/11) We broke camp and drove over separately to the Hacienda Casino for breakfast. Lou had their giant ham steak breakfast and I had their giant chicken fried steak breakfasts. We both halved our breakfasts for later use and placed them in togo boxes before we started eating. Probably could have made three breakfasts out of it. In addition to big the breakfasts were very good and cheap. We then hooked up the jeep and headed out past the Hoover Dam on the nice new bridge then on through Kingman to Lake Havasu.

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