Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bryce Canyon NP

Tuesday: (05/07) We started the day with more rain showers and our generator failed to start. The starter motor has become disconnected and just spins freely. So we warmed up breakfast in a frying pan rather than the microwave. More chorizo scrambled eggs served with avocado. Yum! We prepared to roll. The rain had stopped long enough for us to get away. We stopped in Bicknell to get propane and top both vehicle gas tanks and then headed off through Teasdale and onto Highway 12 South. We often had rain, and sometimes snow or hail. I had intended to stop at Calf Creek CG for a night but we couldn't make the turn into the campground with the towed and couldn't turn around until after we had climbed all the way out of the valley so we'll have to stop there another time. We ate lunch on the road, ham and cheese sandwiches, and continued on to Bryce Canyon NP.

Bryce Canyon NP Campsite 54
On our way in to the park I think our exhaust manifold cracked or worse. When we leave here we may be on our way to the garage. On the positive side, we finally have Verizon so we have internet via that. Back at Sunglow CG I couldn't get the Datastorm Internet to work, couldn't find any satellites even though there wasn't any obstructions? Here, it connected? Must have needed a rest. We've been roaming on our Verizon phones since we entered Utah so couldn't use the Internet on it. I'm settled in here at Bryce for four days, at least. Lou will be driving to Las Vegas to pick up Dawn at the airport on Thursday and returning with her on Friday after they play a little. Hopefully I'll get a few hikes in or just a nice rest. I caught up on my blog posts and other computer stuff this afternoon. Leftover beef stroganoff with chili rellenos for dinner.
(GPS: 37.63704, -112.16643)

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