Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Panguitch, Utah In the Garage

Wednesday: (05/08) Lou fixed corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. The clouds are broken and there's even some sun this morning. We decided to see about getting the RV fixed, during the week, while we can. I called Leale's RV Repair In San Jose to discuss the problem they provided a reference in Cedar City.

Panguitch Utah RV Repairs Panguitch Royal Express Garage
I then called Good Sam Road Service and they connected me with a "Mobile Mechanic." Stewart Ivie of Royal Express Automotive and Transmission drove up to the park and checked the engine and said it was OK to drive down to his shop in Panguitch. The CO alarm went off before I got out of the park so I opened all the windows and continued on down the hill. It was only about 25 miles. They checked it out and determined that it is, perhaps not the exhaust header but rather it is the wye pipe that connects the two headers. That may mean the repair is quick. We had ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch. While I "supervised" the repairs, Lou explored town. Unfortunately, the header is cracked as well. It wasn't the big failure because when they replaced the gaskets for the wye, the noise was gone. But a bad exhaust manifold could lead to premature valve failure so we now have to wait until Friday for the replacement manifold. Since I was in the garage, I got the oil changed as well. However, they also noted my front left tire is bare so they'll be replacing the front tires as well as checking the front end. Might as well get everything fixed in one place before we return to the wilderness. We're now camping at the garage.
(GPS: 37.828725, -112.436412)

Thursday: (05/09) Leftovers from our steak dinners, from a couple of days ago, for breakfast. Lou was off toward Las Vegas to pickup Dawn shortly after 7am. I took a short walk around town before returning to the garage. I received news then the exhaust manifold missed the truck so we're here until Monday. Actually, this is a nice little town and we do have an electric hookup so not problems with no solar due to the storm clouds. There was just a little rain today. Of course, one of the squalls was when i was outside working organizing the storage compartments. I tinkered at the computer and watched TV all day, a great rainy day activity. For lunch, a corned beef hash sandwich. A chili size for dinner.

Friday: (05/10) Mostly cloudy but much nicer today. Only a few light showers. I took a walk around more of the streets in town this afternoon. Otherwise I tinkered at the computer and watched TV. This is really civilization here in Panguitch. We have 23 TV channels. Our tires are in and the manifold is on the way and should be here Monday. Hopefully all will be done Monday. Corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. Cottage cheese and fruit for lunch. Dinner at Hennrie's Restaurant, a smothered beef burrito with beans and a salad.

Saturday: (05/11) A nice sunny morning turning to clouds in the afternoon. More tinkering at home today. Corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Chicken pot pie for dinner. Lou and Dawn arrived from Las Vegas about 6:30. They had cottage cheese and fruit for dinner. They had a Las Vegas Buffet before leaving there.

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