Sunday, January 3, 2016

Back At It

Sunday: (01/03) Yesterday just after I had parked the RV our tenant called and I arranged to go there to look at the refrigerator that wasn’t working. They had mailed us Thursday about it. Nice to be incommunicado.  I made my way there by 0900. The fridge was at 60 degrees, not good. I checked the coils and they were totally coated with lint. Probably no air flow past them. I vacuumed it out. Hopefully it’s OK tomorrow morning.  Since we’re leaving for an extended time I emptied Dawn’s refrigerator into an ice chest to bring home and use up the contents.  I then moved that fridge into the main house so they have something working reliably. I then stopped by La Victoria Taqueria for a breakfast burrito. After breakfast I started looking at refrigerators. The size is critical to match the cabinets. It needs to be shorter than most but has good width, wider than most short refrigerators.  I found a couple that will work. Hopefully I don’t need to replace it though. I had advised them that we’d be gone for months which must have sunk in because about an hour later while I was shopping I got a call reporting some water under the sink again as well. When I returned to check the leak I couldn’t find one so it must just be seeping under the faucet flange from the splashing water. I also checked the fridge and it was down to 50 degrees. Might be OK. I then stopped by Lowe’s and got a new faucet for the sink. It’s corroded enough to be replaced. Something for tomorrow though. I picked up lunch at the Dim Sum King on my way home. In the afternoon I tinkered here and there in the yard and putting things away from our trip.  Lou made hamburger steaks with cauliflower and French fries for dinner.
Monday: (01/04) I had a hamburger patty and a couple of brownies for breakfast. Yum! I headed off early to a doctor’s appointment to get my tick bite checked. I also got a couple of shots. Then I headed on down to Leale’s RV to discuss the motorhome’s problems with having  no power. I made an appointment for tomorrow morning.
New Kitchen Faucet For SJ 0104161021_HDR New Kitchen Faucet For SJ 0104161336a_HDR
And finally, I stopped by the house in San Jose to check the refrigerator. It didn’t cool off much so needs to be replaced.  I then started replacing the kitchen sink faucet. It took a while to cleanup the old caulk. When I got the faucet installed the hoses weren’t long enough to reach the shutoff valves. And the hoses had female fittings not the male fittings of the old faucet so the old hoses wouldn’t work. Off to the store to get a few things and that completed the  installation. I also replaced the old self stick shelve vinyl to help improve water tightness if a leak returns. Now if the tenant can keep from getting water on the caulk until tomorrow morning.
SJ Loaner Refrigerator 0104161342_HDR
I  move the refrigerator from Dawn’s apartment to use as a loaner. On the way home I stopped at Home Depot and ordered the new refrigerator. It comes next week. We are in the middle of a few rainy days. We had some showers this morning and sprinkles throughout the day. Lunch at La Victoria restaurant, a nice chili relleno burrito. We went out to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes with Courtney and Cecelia.
Tuesday: (01/05) I readied the motorhome and jeep to go down to San Jose to Leale’s RV for service. It doesn’t have as much power as it should and the transmission searches for the right gear  when in stop and go traffic. I got it there a little early and said goodbye to it. On the way home i stopped at Kaiser for some blood extraction. I’ve had to fast for it, now to have breakfast. When I got home I had some roast beast with PBJ English muffins. It was raining all morning and was quite heave when I got home. I then spent some time adding recent photos to the appropriate posts. I got much of them done last night and finished them this afternoon. Dinner was meatloaf with baked potatoes, peas and squash.
Wednesday: (01/06) Lou and I headed off to do our weekly shopping a little late. She likes to be at Walmart as they open at 0700 but we didn’t wake until 0730. It was a quick run since we now have an overstuffed refrigerator with the contents of three (dawn’s from San Jose, the RV’s, and the original over filled hose refrigerator. No place for anything else that needs to bee cold. Lou then made peach blintzes for breakfast. About 1100 I finally got outside. I planned on working on cleaning the rain gutters but it immediately started a good rain downpour so I worked in the shop putting things away and cleaning up. When the downpour stopped I got back to the gutters. That’s a major effort made major by the flat roofed sun room with really badly designed gutters. I finished up as it was getting dark. Lou made a nice hot dog and cheese sandwich for lunch. Dawn made chicken pot pie soup for dinner.
Thursday: (01/07)  Lou was up early to meet Courtney in San Jose.  Dawn and I headed out a little later for dentist appointments. All’s well. We then headed off to best Buy to get a screen protector for her phone. She changed cases and the new one doesn’t have a protector for the screen. Then we met Lou for lunch. Granola for breakfast. Mexican food for lunch. Meatloaf, rice, and broccoli for dinner. It was actually dry most of the day, only a few sprinkles in the morning.
Friday: (01/08) Granola and banana for breakfast. Today was one of the recently rare non precipitation days. I worked on the shed floor forms and made a trip to Home Depot for some rebar for it. It took all day to complete the form. Seems like a long time to put a 2×4 down each side of the middle of the floor? A nice ham ad cheese sandwich for lunch. BBQ ribs, garlic mashed potatoes and cabbage for dinner.  Lou and Dawn were out all day.

Wilton Concrete Pour For Dawns Floor 0109161004_HDR Wilton Concrete Pour For Dawns Floor 0109161207_HDR
Saturday: (01/09) Granola and banana for breakfast again. I got out fairly early and finished setting up to pour and about 1030 I started to pour the middle section of the new shed floor. I miscalculated how much I needed and ran two bags short of completing the pour. When I had everything secured I headed off to get more concrete and returned and completed the pour.
Wilton Concrete Pour For Dawns Floor 0109161207a_HDR Wilton Concrete Pour For Dawns Floor 0109161618a_HDR
Because this is poured on top of existing concrete, I knew it would be a while before it was ready to do the final finishing . The cool temps slowed it even more. I did the final finishing at midnight. Since I was just waiting much of the rest of the day I was busy on the computer. Another ham and cheese sandwich for lunch and leftovers for dinner. I had leftover chicken artichoke and mushrooms over rice.
Wilton Dawn's Shed Concrete  0110160940a_HDR
Sunday: (01/10) I got out about 0830 and stripped the forms from the portion of the new floor I poured yesterday. It looks good.
Pleasanton RV Show 0110161213a_HDR Pleasanton RV Show 0110161214_HDR
We were all then off to Pleasanton to the Alameda Fair grounds for an RV Show. We stopped first at A Good Morning for breakfast. We looked at lots of the RV’s but mostly limited to smaller RV’s like we’re interested in. We did find two nice ones, a 24 foot Mercedes based Forest River Solera model 24R, and a 27 foot  Itasca Sunstar 27N. Both were room, short, an efficient designs. We had some nice chili for lunch at their snack bar which was “homemade” and quite good. Above, in the Sunstar, Lou and Dawn are testing their spots.
Pleasanton RV Show 0110161214a_HDR
The Sunstar is really roomy with it’s full slide.
We came home through Milpitas and stopped at a thrift store. Lou and Dan had dinner at the Black Bear and i good some egg rolls at King Eggroll. We finally got home at 2000. When I checked my email I saw a hike announcement for tomorrow  at Uvas Park for a waterfall hike. So I’ll be busy tomorrow with a hike. More time for my concrete to cure, which it does slowly on these cold raining days.

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