Monday, January 11, 2016

Uvas Waterfall Hike

Uvas Waterfall Hike 0111161012_HDR Uvas Waterfall Hike 0111161023b_HDR
Monday: (01/11) Breakfast at L&L Hawaiian, my usual sausage egg and cheese English muffin and a maple bar. Not too much and enough to climb a mountain. This hike was way down in the South county. I’ve wanted to do this hike for a while but have never hiked here before. Above right would be a most welcome site on the PCT where water is a major concern.
Uvas Waterfall Hike 0111161024_HDR Uvas Waterfall Hike 0111161026_HDR
With our recent rain most of the waterfalls were working well for the hike. We had 19 hikers. It was only 6 miles but we saw some nice falls. None of the falls are very big.
Uvas Waterfall Hike 0111161027_HDR Uvas Waterfall Hike 0111161043a_HDR
This hike was led by  Neal, the first one of his hikes I’ve done.
Uvas Waterfall Hike 0111161008_HDR Uvas Waterfall Hike 0111161028_HDR Uvas Waterfall Hike 0111161031_HDR Uvas Waterfall Hike 0111161046b_HDR
Just seeing water flow in California is rare.
They also have a nice campground there which I checked out. Unfortunately  they have a 25 foot limit so we can’t use it. On the way home I stopped at a Vietnamese Buffet. I’ve never been to one before. It was interesting but not my type of food. When I got home I needed a nap, and took one. About 1800 I got to work. I emptied some concrete bags that were left in the Jeep then made two trips to Home Depot for a lot more. I stacked  the first load and the few that had been left in the Jeep in Lou’s shed, thee second load remains in the Jeep.  Everything is safely out of the rain and ready for tomorrow?  Though I may not get to pour concrete tomorrow because San Jose calls. The new refrigerator arrives tomorrow morning sometime before 1130. If I can pour it early Lou may cover the delivery and I can go down later. Lou made a green salad with pecans and pomegranates for dinner.

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