Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Rotten Situation

Thursday: (01/05) I went down to San Jose to start work on the termite report items. Just some signs of dry rot and fungus to be attended too. The dry rot wasn’t where I expected it per the report. It seems to be on one of the end rafter support arms. I remove it to return to the shop to strip the paint, cleans dry rot and apply Bondo filler then priming it and reinstalling. I didn’t want to get started and not finish with our upcoming pineapple express store that arrives tomorrow. Easy enough to work on it in the shop. I didn’t do anything to the fungus sites. Those will wait until later. I did buy a new small folding scaffold that will be better than my large scaffolds for doing the North side of the house, including this repair, and will fit between the fence and house, about 30 inches. wide. I’m also thinking of building a small yard shed too. Deciding whether to use a kit or build from scratch. Granola for breakfast. Egg rolls and shrimp for lunch. Dawn made steak with mushrooms and blue cheese with baked potatoes and green beans for dinner. 

Friday: (01/06) We had an appointment in South San Jose today and did some shopping in the area on our way toward home including Oakridge mall and the Great Mall. Leftover baked ham omelet for breakfast. Dim Sum for lunch. Dinner at the Black Bear restaurant in Milpitas. 
Another example of why I'm in few photos.

Saturday: (01/07) A rainy day. We’re at the beginning of a forecast really heavy storm. I worked a little in the shop stripping the paint from the rafter arm I brought home. We also took a walk at IKEA. Spaghetti and cornbread for Breakfast. Same for lunch. Dinner was a little different, no cornbread, same great spaghetti. Received my gutter guard supplies from Menards Home Supplies in Wyoming.

Sunday: (01/08) Another rainy day. Relaxing indoors, computing, and shopping Amazon.Granola with banana for breakfast. Ham and bacon sandwich for lunch. Lou made a pot roast for dinner.

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