Thursday, January 12, 2017

Lots Of Water

Thursday: (01/12) No rain today. We were off to a dental appointment for Dawn this morning. After lunch we were back home. I spent some time in the back yard pruning the apricot and cherry trees and other plant trimming and cleanup. Also vacuumed the floors in the Jeep. With all the rain it doesn’t seem practical to take it to the car wash. Granola for breakfast. Applebee’s restaurant for lunch. Hamburgers for dinner.

Friday: (01/13) I signed up for a Monday hike and scheduled a hike to lead on Friday. I also planned a hike for tomorrow by myself. We headed off to explore today. We visited Stevens Creek Reservoir and Lexington Reservoir. All the reservoirs in the county were full and spilling out water per recent reports. We found Stevens Creek Reservoir to be nearly empty but it obviously had been full recently. Rather odd. It’s probably only being used for flood control and not storage due to being so close to the San Andreas Fault? We visited Conee before heading to dinner. Granola  and yogurt for breakfast. Salads at home for lunch. Sweet Tomatoes for dinner.

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