Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bee Invasion

Sunday: (03/13) Lou fixed strawberry pancakes with sausage for breakfast.

We had an interesting event this morning. Our humming bird feeder draws the occasional bee as might be expected. After breakfast, we started with a couple of bees, then a dozen or so then a swarm. They concentrated on the feeder but there were other globs of them all over between the feeder and the door. It made getting in and out interesting. Even though Lou had just filled the feeder this morning it was dumped out far away from the RV. Any place the bees remained on the RV I washed to remove any scent that might be calling to them. Within an hour or so then were gone. That is, except for the one that drowned in my tea cup.

Otherwise, we relaxed and tinkered at home today. It was warm but a little less so than yesterday. Lunch was an apple with peanut butter. Dinner was mostly leftover cabbage with onions and either chicken or sausage. Lou added some fresh green beans.

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