Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Senator Wash Hike

Tuesday: (03/08) I fixed Don McMuffins for breakfast. After breakfast we took a hike around Senator Wash Reservoir. The lake is really full so we couldn't take any shortcuts across normally dry fingers. We stopped for lunch of dried corn, peas and banana chips overlooking Squaw Lake. We had the company of a herd of burros on an adjacent hill. They were enjoying the view of Squaw lake as well. For dinner Lou warmed up some frozen leftover sauerbraten and added some baked potatoes and a green salad. It was mostly sunny with some good winds today.

Senator Wash Senator Wash
Senator Wash Lake viewed from the North Side.

Squaw Lake Seen From Senator Wash Dam Senator Wash Burros
Squaw Lake seen from Senator Wash Dam. On right burros watch as we eat lunch. They are always curious about people.

Coyote Next To Our Camp Coyote On Hill Behind Our Campsite
A coyote on the hill behind our campsite.

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