Friday, February 5, 2016

The Day After

Friday: (02/05) Leftovers for breakfast. Lou and I wasted most of the morning shopping. She had an appointment at noon which I dropped her off for. While she was busy I did other business related to the new car like getting insurance for it. I also contacted Leale’s RV about the motorhome. It still is not ready but the new estimate is next Tuesday. The word now is that the manufacturer of one of the parts needed had a delay in getting parts for the part. I also asked for an estimate to equip the new Jeep for towing. My lunch was at the Country Inn, a nice bacon avocado omelet with Swedish pancakes.
Lou's Hand After Surgery 0207161127a_HDR
I picked Lou up from her appointment about 1630. We had soup from our nearby Corner bakery Restaurant.

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