Saturday, May 19, 2018

A Visit To Ferndale

Friday: (05/18) Granola and banana for breakfast. My back was out of place so it was painful for me to stoop or lift my right leg. Getting dressed was all the fun I needed today. I relaxed at home all day while Lou and Dawn went out exploring and shopping. A sausage and cheese sandwich for lunch. Leftover grilled veggies with BBQ ribs and French fries. After dinner, we walked over to the cider bar for a drink.

Saturday: (05/19) We had PBJ toast for breakfast, Dawn had a bagel. We watched the Royal Wedding on Youtube in the morning. Mac and cheese for lunch.
In the afternoon we drove down to Ferndale for a walk. Interesting shops and buildings.

 In Eureka on the way home, we stopped at Stuft Potato Bistro which is actually a really good German restaurant.

Sunday: (05/20) Lou and Dawn were off early to get their fresh bagels here at the fairgrounds and the bagel shop. Then they were off to the flea market that was here this morning as well. I eventually walked through the flea market. I found a nice homemade personal peach pie. Lou found a clip on fan as well and I returned those to the RV. I had covered the whole market and they had done less than ¼.

I was then off to Loleta Cheese Factory for my breakfast at the Queso Kings, a grilled cheese specialty restaurant at the factory. I got a nice breakfast habanero and Havarti with bacon and eggs grilled sandwich.
 I enjoyed eating my breakfast in the garden at the cheese factory.
 I then continued on to Grizzly Creek State Park for a look around. They only have 4.5 miles of trail in the park but it has lots of redwood trees and is right beside the Van Duzen River. A few nice sites suitable for our RV. My back wasn’t happy so I didn’t hike but did chat a long time with the Visitor Center volunteer. 

I then continued East on Highway 36 to Bridgeville. I saw a sign for a road headed to Kneeland. That is just East of Eureka. It was a dirt road for 27 miles to Kneeland.

Some nice views when I wasn’t up on top in the fog. The road from Kneeland was about 15 miles to Eureka.
Along the road usually, the house is on one side of the road and their barn on the other.
Up on top of the mountains, the road was fogged in. 

I stopped just outside Eureka at Freshwater Slough preserve for a short out and back ¾ mile hike. There is also a nice farm there. A store at the farm had the same homemade pies I had gotten at the flea market. Good to know. They also have homemade tamales. Might develop into a lunch. Back home, I went with Lou and Dawn to look at the Succulent shop on the fairgrounds. It’s only open three days a week. Dawn and I had milanesa sandwiches made from our leftover wiener schnitzel from last night for dinner.

Monday: (05/21) We were off to breakfast at the Golden Harvest Restaurant. Lou and Dawn needed to do some thrifting for more jeans for Dawn. While they did that I took a walk. Lou dropped Dawn off at home and picked me up to do the laundry. We then prepared to roll and went to get LPG for the motorhome. My back was out again so Lou did almost all the laundry and preparing to roll the RV. Leftovers for dinner. Busy day.

Tuesday: (05/22) My back was the same in the morning. We had leftovers for breakfast. Lou and Dawn Headed off to Arcata to get me a weight belt at Harbor Freight. It happens to be next door to the Chinese buffet we like. They had lunch and brought my lunch home. The weight belt helped a lot. I watched Youtube videos and TV all day. Lou made a hamburger salad for dinner.

Wednesday: (05/23) A nice day today. The sun was even out a little in the morning. Granola and banana for breakfast. I relaxed at home all day. Lou and Dawn went up to Arcata to the bookstore and seed store. While there they had lunch at the cider bar and brought me home a nice beef pie and a pecan maple bacon pie. My back is better but still not trusted. For dinner Lou made spaghetti. Then they were off to the library.

Thursday: (05/24) Granola and banana for me and bagels for Lou and Dawn. We went to pick up our mail at the Post Office then went to lunch at the Golden Harvest Cafe, again. I was dropped off again at the RV and Lou and Dawn went to the Library and Pierson’s Hardware. I rested my back again today. Unfortunately, the wifi here at the fairgrounds was out today. Lou made salmon with rice and corn on the cob for dinner. After dinner, we walked over to the craft studio here at the fairgrounds to pick up the marbled scarves they made a few days ago.

Friday: (05/25) A rainy morning. Lou made scrambled eggs for breakfast. We went downtown before noon and looked around the COOP Market.
Lou and Dawn wanted to have lunch at the Cookhouse, I preferred the Chapala Cafe for Mexican food. After my lunch, I took a walk about downtown then visited the Pacific Outdoor store. I continued zigzagging through the neighborhoods toward home. I look at a home for sale that I had seen on Zillow. The rain started light as I left the restaurant and became heavy by the time my walk ended. Lou called and picked me up after their explorations. I had walked about 6 miles today. Dawn made chai tea which was very nice helping to warm my cold old bones.

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