Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Gone To Reno

Reno Trip 0301161358_HDR Reno Trip 0301161359a_HDR Reno Trip 0301161459a_HDR
Tuesday: (03/01) Granola for breakfast. We finished our packing and hit the road about 0930. We enjoyed  stop at the rest stop near Donner lake where there was still some snow. It was way past lunch time when we stopped at Louis’s Basque restaurant in Reno. Unfortunately they weren’t serving until 5pm so we checked in at the Silver Legacy. Lou and Dawn had some time in the casino and I looked around as we waited for dinner. Our dinner was excellent but after dinner we were worn out so just went to our room.
Reno Trip 0302161045_HDR Reno Trip 0302161045a_HDR
Wednesday: (03/02) Lou and Dawn started the morning with a soak in the hot tub. I checked online for the best breakfast places in Reno and came up with two interesting ones. Both were within a mile of our hotel. The menu at Peg’s Glorified Ham And Eggs restaurant looked very interesting so I convinced Lou and Dawn to walk the .7 miles down Sierra Street to the restaurant. We were not disappointed. Lou and I shared a Chili Relleno Breakfast and Dawn had Biscuits And Gravy. We were all stuffed after our late breakfast. They were then off to visit all the thrift stores in town. Lou prepared a map a home to speed  their travels about town. I walked a couple of blocks to the main bus transfer station and bought a 24 hour pass for $1.75 and picked up a route map. I caught the rapid bus South on Virginia Street to the Atlantis Casino. I checked the casino and, unlike the downtown casinos, it was busy. They even had $3 blackjack which almost enticed me to play. I again boarded the rapid bus on to the Meadowwood Mall. After a check around the mall, I caught the 56 bus which wanders through the neighborhoods South of the mall and used Google Maps to see when I was near my lunch destination, Murieta’s  Restaurant and Cantina. The magic of GPS in an unfamiliar town. Continuing on my quest, I enjoyed a shrimp chili relleno for dinner. I then walked back up Virginia street about 2 miles to the Atlantis Casino then caught the rapid bus back downtown. Lou and Dawn had their favorite prime rib dinner at the Cal-Neva Casino. And the day was gone.
Thursday: (03/03) Lou and Dawn did their soak in the hot tub to start their day as I packed most of our stuff back to the car. I also cashed in a ticket that Lou still had and then played a couple of games of keno before we were all off to breakfast. While I wanted to return to Peg’s, Dawn wanted a buffet. Since she’s gone off her gluten free diet, she want’s to enjoy all the stuff she’s been avoiding. She won so we had breakfast at the Silver legacy Buffet. I managed to control myself, a little. We ten visited a couple of thrift stores I had been by on my travels yesterday that they didn’t get to. We hit the road back toward home about 1430. Traffic wasn’t bad all the way home and we only had a few sprinkles up on the mountain. We stopped in Grass Valley for lunch at a Raley’s market. Dawn and I shared a roast beef panini and Lou had soup. Since they were in the mood, we stopped at a final thrift store in Milpitas on the way home. When we got home we found a UPS envelope on the from porch with the check paying for the old Jeep. Now the only thing keeping us from some time aways from home in the RV is my setting up the Jeep for towing over the next few days.

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