Monday, March 28, 2016

On The Road To Yuma

Monday: (03/28) Last night we heard there might be 60 mile per hour gusts. When we got up this morning it was calm but we did have a good breeze this morning about 0400. We prepared to leave after granola for breakfast. As we were dumping the breeze camp up and on our way East on Highway 190 we head really heavy wing and gusts. his turned into blowing sand on the valley bottom. We headed on to Las Vegas via Highway 95. We stopped for lunch at the Fiesta Casino. Very good. The wind getting here was serious enough but it seemed to be getting worst. I checked online and found a high wind advisory for Las Vegas and the Mojave Desert including Lake Havasu, the direction we are going. We decided to stay in town and checked in at Arizona Charlies RV Park for the night.  The winds should disappear tonight after 0200. Just before we got to the RV Park the alarm on the Jeeps supplemental brake system went off. I had to disconnect the power to it to continue. Something to fix tomorrow when the wind and rain are gone and we are settled in in Yuma. Fortunately the hills aren’t too bad to get there. All the dust on the Jeep is now speckled tiny mud balls due to the rain sprinkles.

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