Saturday, September 3, 2016

PCT Hike, MM1028 To MM1044, Noble Lake

PCT MM1028 To MM1044 0903160803_HDR PCT MM1028 To MM1044 0903161122_HDR
Saturday: (09/03) Lots of people coming in from Highway 4 to camp for the weekend. Likewise busy campsites. I like the multiple mountain ridges in the photo on the right.
PCT MM1028 To MM1044 0903161312 PCT MM1028 To MM1044 0903161713
A day usually involves climbing up and down two or three ridge lines.
PCT MM1028 To MM1044 0903161827
My campsite.
PCT MM1028 To MM1044 0903161324_Pano
PCT MM1028 To MM1044 0903161714_Pano
PCT MM1028 To MM1044 0903161828_Pano
I love the clouds in the top two panorama photos. I hiked 16 miles today, 45 miles to go. I camped at MM1044, Noble Lake. Really windy all night. Quite cold too.

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