Monday, April 15, 2019

Arrived At Cherry Hill Park

Monday: (04/15) Interesting night last night. We had extremely high wind gusts with a deluge of rain around 0200. Shortly after that the warning sirens went off and advised of a tornado watch for the next two hours in our area. Nothing further happened but we didn’t sleep well for the next couple of hours. I believe the hazard happened before the warning. I much prefer our earthquakes to these tornados. Due to our sleep interruption, we slept in this morning. Lou returned a purchase to Walmart then we headed on up the road stopping in a few miles for breakfast at a Cracker Barrel. We continued on with some pretty gusty weather arriving at our new home for a couple weeks, Cherry Hill Park in College Park Maryland. Our two mail packages were in so we picked them up. WeI spent some time going through the mail. And relaxing. Gnocchi and meatballs for lunch. We all enjoyed long hot showers in the afternoon and relaxed some. I dashed off a little after 1600 to attend a presentation on using transit to explore the area. I was a little late so missed some. It doesn’t seem to different from when I used it in 1985 to explore here. Lou and I did the laundry. Lou and Dawn “enjoyed” chicken livers while I had chili.

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