Thursday, April 18, 2019

Exploring The Washington Mall

Thursday: (04/18) Breakfast at the RV Park’s Star Cafe. We drove over to take the train downtown agan. We caught the Washington Mall circulator bus for a tour of the mall. We then had lunch at the Department Of Agriculture employee cafeteria. We also looked at a little of the Smithsonian at their visitor center and walked some gardens and say some sculptures here and there. A lot of walking and he day was gone. We were back home on a rush hour train full of people at about 1745. It was a wonderful day today. We noticed the pool at the RV park was full when we got home.
The glam cabins at Cherry Hill Park.

A piece of art by the Indian Museum and the Smithsonian Visitor Center.

Friday: (04/19) Leftover PBJ English muffins for breakfast. Because of the severe storm warnings for today we decided to stay home. Mostly relaxed at home. Lou and I did do a shopping run. We got gas at Costco, visited the Post Office, and shopped at Walmart. We all went out to the China Buffet for a very late lunch/dinner. In the evening we took a walk down to the cafe and watch some TV as the rains increased. I ended up walking back to get the car in the rain. I still doubt the lesson to bring an umbrella was learned.

Saturday: (04/20) Leftover rice for breakfast. We caught the train down to the Washington Mall again. We looked at the extremely long lines at the Natural History Museum and decided to go to the American History Museum instead. A much shorter line. We stayed until we were thrown out at 1730 and only did 1.5 of the 3 floors. Lunch at the museum was exciting by being one of our most expensive meals ever and old a slight cut above 7 Eleven food. We then caught the Circulator bus over to the Jefferson Monument and enjoyed the day dwindling toward sunset. About 2000 we caught the train back home. Seafood and lettuce salads for dinner. 



Sunday: (04/21) Breakfast  at the Star Cafe in the park, again. We decided to take a day off today. It is a beautiful sunny day. I wanted to check out the nearby Greenbelt National Park. It’s only a few miles from our current site. It turns to be quite nice. If we return after our New York visit, we may have a much cheaper home. We also visited a nearby mall. We got home about 1400 and I washed the RV and Jeep at our site. Some chicken salad with chips and hummus for lunch. We then played a game of miniature golf on the park course. Chili size for dinner. 

Monday: (04/22) Granola and banana for breakfast. We were off to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum this morning. We rode the train again. We packed sandwiches for lunch. These museums have rather expensive food. Again, we only saw about half the museum. This makes the third half tour, zoo, American History and now Natural History. These things all take time. We visited the Union Station for dinner then caught the train home.

Tuesday: (04/23) Granola and apple for breakfast. We caught the train to town again this time to the National Archives. After looking at the declaration of independence and etc we went over to the National Botanical Conservatory.. We then walked past the congressional buildings and past the Library of Congress. We caught the train back from the Capitol South Station. We packed our ham sandwiches for lunch and enjoyed them at the Archives. Dinner at th China Buffet near home in College Park, MD. 


Wednesday: (04/24) Granola and apple for breakfast. Again took the train down to Washington DC to the L’Enfant station to visit the Air And pac Museum. Always interesting but not as good as our previous visit. Seems like most of the plans that were there are gone to their other museum. There was a good display of both US and USSR missiles and space technology. This is the first museum we were able to see all of before closing. We actually left 30 minutes before closing. When we got back to College Park we stopped at a Walmart on the way home. Ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch. Lou made macaroni and cheese with asparagus for dinner. 
Thursday: (04/25) We decided to take the day off. Dawn found an interesting restaurant nearby for breakfast. Definitely Southern home cooking. Mine was chicken with eggs and sauce on biscuits. Dawn had shrimp and grits. Lou had grits and a shrimp salad. We took a walk at the Prince Charles Place Mall. Lou’s leg has been bothering her so we spent the rest of the day visiting Kaiser for a checkup. We had dinner at the Golden Corral Buffet. At home we did the laundry and Lou and Dawn soaked in the hot tub.

Friday: (04/26) Lou made hamburger with eggs and potatoes for  breakfast. We caught the train into ton to the Library Of Congress. Nice tour by Kate. There was a lot  more to be seen here than I expected. We had our lunch after the tour in the basement ending room (employee lunch room. No cafe in this building. We finished up about 1630. We caught the train to the Clarendon station. There was a Cheesecake Factory there and today being my birthday, I wanted a Shepherds Pie and cheesecake for dinner. Even though today was stormy, we managed without rain coats. Just another possible tornado warning. We got home a little after 2000. 




Saturday: (04/27) Leftover Shepherd’s pie for breakfast. Lou and Dawn were worn out and took the day off. I headed off for a walk-about in Washington DC. We had clear skies but it was windy. In fact, on my walk I was almost blown away several times. I got off at the U Street station and walked out Florida street past the capitol. I then caught a bus further out and then back into Downtown Ii walked H Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. I was really disappointed at the fact it is so different from our last visit here. The streets within one block of the White House are now off limits. I ended up at Foggy Bottom and caught the Metro trains back to College Park. I had lunch near the capitol at a Whole Foods. I got home about 1700. Leftovers for dinner at home. At home I took a nap which lasted until about 2200. Nice day.


Sunday: (04/28) Granola and diced apple and bacon for breakfast, We  packed our lunch and drove over to the Metro Station. We walked past the Ford Theater but the line was too long so we just continued over the the Natural History Museum again to finish the second floor exhibits. We almost finished the second floor before they closed. We walked back and caught the train home. On the drive from the station we stopped at Whole Foods for some filtered water refills and for dinner at the Chinese Buffet. This was our last day here, we’re off to New York tomorrow morning. 

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