Monday, April 1, 2019

Kingsland Georgia and Walkabout RV Park

Monday: (04/01) Nice night at the Rest Stop. No neighbor trucks idling. Lou made a nice breakfast omelet. It rained hard all night and morning. Lots of RV’s pulled in tof the night and morning. While Lou and Dawn visited the Visitor Center, I made some calls and found an RV park nearby that had a space. I figured the storm might drive many of the RV’s from the road to wait out the rain storm. The RV park was just up the road six miles. We’re staying at Walkabout Camp and RV Park in Woodbine (near Kingsland), Ga. I removed a panel in the bathroom that covered the vent pipe. The vent looks good. I did notice a draft coming up from underneath by the tanks. That might possibly be the source of the bad odors. It might also be the anti siphon valve venting. I put some tape over the valve vent and stuffed some plastic bags in the hole where the draft came in. It’s raining too much to disable the RV toilet so I’ll wait until the rain lets up to remove it and inspect and seal the area. Lou and I went out shopping for some materials. We brought some soup home for lunch. In the evening we all went back to Kingsland to Sonny’s BBQ for dinner and a walk inside some stores. (GPS: 30.8405744,-81.6766272)

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