Sunday, April 14, 2019

La Plata, Maryland

Sunday: (04/14) Leftovers for breakfast. Those biscuits and gravy go a long way. Dawn is still sick and Lou wanted a permanent. We found a good reference for one in town so we rolled over and parked downtown. Green salads for lunch. While Lou got her perm, I took a walk round town. Interesting village.We’re going to have to return here for an extended visit in the future, maybe after our New York visit. About 1630 we hit the road North on Highways 206 and 301. We stopped at the Walmart in La Plata. We had meatballs and rice for dinner. About 2130 our lithium batteries clicked off. They have been ill this afternoon not charging up and only at 12.9 volts after a long charge period. The should have been at 13.3. When I switched the generator off, they only lasted about 15 minutes before failing with only a 10a load.  Not good. I’ll see if they can be revived in the morning. For now, we are switched over to the AGM batteries.
The oldest drug store counter in the US is here.

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