Saturday, April 13, 2019

Fredericksburg, Va

Saturday: (04/13) After a short walk to look and the goslings in the pond next to our camp spot at the Cracker Barrel. After leftovers for breakfast, we returned Northbound on Highway 17. Heavy to moderate rain all day. Dawn was feeling sick and we needs some miles so we drove all day arriving in Fredericksburg, Virginia about 1900. We stopped a couple of times to walk in some stores and I took my afternoon nap after our late lunch of leftovers. Of course, our dinner was leftovers. I drove about 331 miles today. Camped at Walmarts. Only 75-90 miles to do to arrive in Cherry Hill, MD on 4/15. So we have a day off tomorrow. (GPS: 38.305565, -77.511869)
Geese and goslings at the Cracker barrel pond. One of the Walmart vending machines we've seen being installed at a couple of previous stores.

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