Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Smithsonian National Zoological Park

Tuesday: (04/16) A day off. We relaxed at home all day. We all made it to the transit use seminar. Breakfast at the RV park cafe. Chili size for lunch. Rice with shrimp for dinner.

Wednesday: (04/17) Up at 0600 for showers. We had leftovers for breakfast after we stopped by the the cafe to find out it opened later than we thought. We stopped by the park bus station to get our tickets for Metro. We decided to drive down to the metro station and took the Green train down to transfer to the red train to get off at the Metro station where we were told to go to get an Access Pass for Dawn. After a lot of finding out Metro leaves a lot to be desired on signage and knowledgeable personnel, we learned that where we had to go was to the Galleria station instead. That office was helpful and we had her pass in about 30 minutes. We then had lunch at a group of street food trucks, each of us using a different truck. I had a Peruvian sandwich, Dawn had something from Venezuela and Lou something from a truck that said it provide fresh food. Then we were back on the train to the Zoo. We visited a few of the attractions but had no intent to see it all in the one day. Thankfully entrance is free like most of the Smithsonian sites. We finished up near 1900 and walked the three blocks back to the station and back to our car at the station. We stopped at a College Park Diner for dinner on the way back to the RV Park. 

 River otters on the left, A red panda on the right

The giant panda control room at the zoo on the left.

Lunch from the food trucks on the mall.

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