Tuesday, April 12, 2016

PCT Hike, MM566 to MM578, Tehachapi

Tuesday: (04/12) We were up early. I had all my trail stuff loaded up and we drove up the hill to Tehachapi. We had breakfast at the Village Grill where I had another chili verde skillet. Outstanding!
PCT MM566 to MM578 0412160847_HDR PCT MM566 to MM578 0412160854_HDR
At 0900, Lou dropped me off at Highway 178 at Cameron Road where I where I exited a few days ago. This is the same place that Cheryl Strayed, who wrote the book Wild about her PCT hike and later became a movie, started her hike. Notice my nice unsweaty clean clothes. Not to exist for long. Last year Highway 58 had a mud slide that burred many cars and trucks. the entrance gate from the Highway had to be dug out along with the registration pedestal. They as already above the highway by 10 feet.
PCT MM566 to MM578 0412161025_HDR PCT MM566 to MM578 0412161103_HDR
Today was basically a 1500 foot climb up the mountain through typical desert sandy areas.
PCT MM566 to MM578 0412161418_HDR PCT MM566 to MM578 0412161419_HDR
The recent storm is supposed t be over by clouds remain.
PCT MM566 to MM578 0412161622a_HDR PCT MM566 to MM578 0412161924_HDR
I saw a nice horned lizard, on of my favorite sightings. In the afternoon, I met “Not Guilty” a Southbound hiker and got the trail news of whats ahead. I only hiked 13 miles today stopping at MM578.

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