Sunday, April 3, 2016

PCT MM478 to MM500, Through Green Valley

PCT MM478 to MM500 0403160806_Pano
Sunday: (04/03) On trail at 0725.  I arrived at MM478 where the trail is closed due to the Powerhouse Fire that occurred in 2013. There is a 20 mile road walk to bypass it. I decided to walk the 1.4 miles into Green Valley and met Terry from the Casa Dr Luna (Andersen’s). She drove me up to her house. She and her husband Joe are the trail angels for this stretch. I chatted a while, filled my water, enjoyed a coke, and then Joe drove me past the closure where a 1 mile trail brought me back up to the PCT at MM493.5. Could have been nice to stay but there was a lot of daylight left.
PCT MM478 to MM500 0403161315_HDR PCT MM478 to MM500 0403161320_HDR PCT MM478 to MM500 0403161455_HDR
I was back hiking the PCT at 1400. A nicely forested walk.
PCT MM478 to MM500 0403161839_HDR
I stopped a little past MM500 where I camped for the night.

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