Saturday, April 2, 2016

PCT MM458 to MM478, Beyond Agua Dulca

PCT MM458 to MM478 0402160716_HDR PCT MM458 to MM478 0402161123_HDR
Saturday: (04/02) On trail at 0700. I continued my steep climb only to go back down and crossed Bouquet Canyon Road and have another long steep climb and then go down again.
PCT MM458 to MM478 0402161215_HDR PCT MM458 to MM478 0402161557a_HDR
Bear Spring, a nice piped rare water source (above left). Why can’t i grow flowers like these?
PCT MM458 to MM478 0402161405_HDR PCT MM458 to MM478 0402161420_HDR
I was surprised to see more mushrooms in the desert. the one on the left above is bigger than a soft ball. I think is turns into the one on the right in later life. Animals seem to like to eat them.
Not too many miles today, only 13 miles. I camped at MM471. Saw a nice black snake. GPS 34.608985, -118.361635.

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