Monday, April 4, 2016

PCT MM500 to MM517, to Hikertown

PCT MM500 to MM517 0404160557_HDR PCT MM500 to MM517 0404160918_HDRMonday: (04/04) In the morning I saw the face above left. It is curls in my quilt around my right foot. Looks peaceful. Above right the trail continues. On trail 0715. A good 800 feet climb to start then supposedly all down. 

PCT MM500 to MM517 0404161016a_HDR PCT MM500 to MM517 0404161047_HDR
Looks quite different in various sections. 

PCT MM500 to MM517 0404161421b_HDR PCT MM500 to MM517 0404161445a_HDR 
It was a long way down the mountain. There were more poppies on my hike than on our walk at the poppy reserve. 

PCT MM500 to MM517 0404161446_HDR PCT MM500 to MM517 0404161501_HDR
Lots more down with a pot of gold in the distance. 

PCT MM500 to MM517 0404161501_HDR-001 PCT MM500 to MM517 0404161552a_HDR 
The gold is poppies, the yellow flowers are more abundant.

 PCT MM500 to MM517 0404161552e_HDR PCT MM500 to MM517 0404161656_HDR
On the right above at the base of the mountain line in the green streak is Hikertown, my objective. It’s only about .5 mile from here. There seems to be a lot of uphill to go down. The last 9 miles were worse than the first 7. I got to Hikertown (MM517) by 1715. Nice shower and clean clothes. I got my resupply box and picked the best items for a 4 day hike leaving at least three days of rations in the hiker box. I could have continued without a resupply. I slept with two hikers from Australia in the lounge (garage) on one of the three sofas. At Hikertown I met Cody and Matthew from Sydney Australia, Bob the caretaker and Rusta Bob’s dog. Tortoise and Dump Truck came in later in the evening and are section hikers that were starting the section from Hikertown to Hwy 58. They enjoyed an old trailer outside for their night.  I actually slept almost identically to on trail using my pack as a backrest because there was a mouse running around the room.

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