Thursday, July 7, 2011

Alaska Museum In Anchorage

Thursday: (07/07) Oatmeal for breakfast. We stopped by Mobil RV repair to get a new reigniter module for the refrigerator. It's been working fine but probably is defective and the reigniter would be difficult to get most anywhere else in Alaska or Northern Canada.

Then we were off to the Alaska Museum downtown. There isn't too much there but it took us all day to see it.

Anchorage's Alaska Museum Talk On Wooden Hat Making Anchorage's Alaska Museum Talk On Wooden Hat Making
We attended a presentation by the expert in bent wood hunting hats and learned how to make them. Above is the jig used to form the wooden hats. On right are some of the hats that were made.

Anchorage's Alaska Museum The Wooden Hat Building Expert
Above is the artist that is the current wooden hat expert that gave a demonstration on making wooden hats. In addition we got a close look at a fine example from the Smithsonian's exhibit. We also enjoyed chatting with the museum director and he took us back out to their exhibit to see some items of interest. We learned of a reception for one of the artists in residence later in the evening. The artist is trying to create the art (sculpture, video, sound, drawing, and photography) that Mathew Henson, the first person to the reach the North Pole might have created. Henson went with Admiral Robert Peary and until 1944 was not recognized as the first. Interesting meeting but the art seemed confused though it was only a preview of what was to be.

We had lunch at the 5th Avenue mall next door. To each their own. I had Chinese, Lou had Thai, and Dawn had Greek.

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