Saturday, July 2, 2011

Anchorage, Alaska

Open faced egg cheese oliveloaf sandwich with grapefruit
Saturday: (07/02) Lou made open faced breakfast sandwiches with onion rolls, olive loaf, jalapeno cheese and eggs. We continued on down the road a ways to Eagle River stopping at Fred Meyer's for gas and a few other necessities. We had a piece of baked chicken as part of our lunch there and finished it with a green salad at home. I also got a haircut in the same area. We then continued over the hill to Centennial Park and moved in to their campground.

We had a near disaster which was one third Lou's making and two thirds mine. When we got gas, Lou checked the gas gauge in the jeep. In doing so she locked the steering wheel. We were going merrily down the road and the RV steering seemed to be pulling to the right. I should have immediately stopped to check it but we were only going a couple of miles and there wasn't an easy place to pull over. As we were rolling through the Eagle River campground a very nice fellow camper caught up to us and mentioned that the right front tire seemed to be scrubbing. I checked and found the steering locked. Easy fix, just unlock it and all was well. Fortunately, it was only a few miles. The tires were locked about 15 degrees to the left so they must have been mostly dragging along but no noticeable wear to the tires but they were warm. My two thirds of the problem were that I didn't make a turn to see if the tires followed correctly. I usually do check them by making a turn and looking in the mirror to see if all is well. The other thing I did was to not stop immediately when something seemed different. The RV was pulling to the right because the jeep was trying to go left. I sometimes get lazy and this was one of those times. All is well now but hopefully lessons learned.
(GPS:61.22697, -149.72279)

Sunday: (07/03) French toast and sausage for breakfast. We did our laundry. Shared a Quizno's sandwich for lunch. After lunch we washed the RV and jeep. What a difference. We picked up Dawn at the Airport. For dinner we stopped by the Golden Corral buffet. The days are long here. After relaxing much of the evening we drove to where they were supposed to have their 4th of July fireworks. They were supposed to be at midnight on the 4th. that should have been 00:00 the morning of the 4th. It wasn't. We weren't the only ones expecting it. We have to consider it a practice run. They do have a problem doing fireworks here in the summer. At midnight it was still bright  outside.

Monday: (07/04) Pancakes and bacon for breakfast. We headed downtown just in tiome to watch the July 4ht parade. After that we stopped by the visitor center to learn what to see. We explored around downtown then had lunch at the Downtown Deli and Cafe. Dawn had reindeer stew. Lou had a reindeer sausage roll and I had a Reuben sandwich. All very good. We heard of the bore tides on the Turnabout Arm. The tides are quite large. Today was only -2.6 feet so the bore tide wasn't going to be the best. It's best with very low tides and they were a couple of months ago. We waited at one of the supposed to be best locations and it never occurred. The river did reverse but there was no wave. Since the tide moves only at 10-15 mph, we drove further up the arm and waited for another chance to see it. Still no better but we did get to see four bald eagles standing in the dry sand in the arm. Missed the tide, saw the eagles. Nice trip. About 11pm we headed back down to see the fireworks. This time we were lucky. it was a nice show even though it wasn't dark at midnight when it started. It had to start some time and it was dimmer than at 11pm. The sun had gone down about 11:30 but it doesn't get dark.

Tuesday: (07/05) Lou fixed spam hash and eggs for breakfast. Dawn got a hair cut and we did a little shopping before going to the Indian Heritage Center. We learned all about the various cultures that have existed in Alaska for centuries. We shared some reindeer stew, reindeer chili and a salmon sandwich for lunch. For dinner Lou fixed corn on the cob, BBQ ribs and mashed potatoes.

Wednesday: (07/06) The refrigerator got sick last night and the "check" light was on. The first thing this morning I looked at it. Yep, it was still on. It appeared like the flame wasn't igniting and the safety timed out and turned on the check lamp. I checked the fuses, both OK. Checked the voltage to the igniter, not OK. I resigned myself to the fact something needed to be replaced. The park manager came by and wanted to know more about our tow vehicle and how it was setup. In talking to him I learned of a good parts and repair shop nearby. I reassembled everything and did one final check and it started working. I think I'll still stop by and get a replacement control module. Probably better supplied here in Anchorage. Today is a bookstore, thrift shop and otherwise relaxing day away from the museums and normal attractions. Breakfast was leftovers from the refrigerator. Dawn  had mushroom onion soup. Lou had tofu soup. I had spam hash and an English muffin. Dawn got to spend some time at Title Wave used Book Store. I visited REI and found some pot handles. We started our trip wit h tweo and before we got to Whitehorse had none. We take of the permanent handles on our frying pans and use these clamp on handles when needed. The missing handles are nowhere to be found. We assume then jumped in the trash can. I've seen them elsewhere along our travels for as little as 8 dollars each. At REI they were $3.25, more like they should be. However REI just gave them to me, three handles for nothing. or Effectively nothing. I've shopped at our local REI a couple of times and it must have been often enough. I had a "dividend" and they used the credit to pay for the handles. then my remaining credit was less than $10 so I walked out with three handles and $8.25. Surprised me. I think I could learn to like that. We had lunch at Fred Meyers. I had an Italian cold cuts panini. Lou and Dawn shared a pastrami on rye. About 8pm we stopped in at a Carr's, the local name for Safeway store. We had a Chinese feast dinner. Chow mein, pork fried rice, sesame chicken and egg rolls.

Anchorage's Kincaide Park Trail Down To Cook Inlet Beach Anchorage's Kincaide Park View Of Cook Inlet Beach
After dinner we drove out to Kincaid Park and hiked out to the beach on Cook Inlet. The park closes so we didn't have much time at the beach before we had to hike back out or get locked in.

Moose At Anchorage's Kincaide Park And Cook Inlet
On the way back we saw a huge bull moose with a huge rack. He's the first bull we've seen. There are supposed to be about 1000 moose within the city limits of Anchorage. We've now seen on of them, 999 to go.
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