Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Braeburn Cinnamon Rolls

Tuesday: (06/21) Irish oatmeal with honey and crasins for breakfast. That was finished with a mandarin orange. We checked out of the campground about 10am. It was raining all morning and had mostly subsided by 0930 when we started hooking up and breaking camp.

We stopped by the Beringia interpretive Center and learned all about the Beringia area that existed during the Ice age. No ice, lots of grass, it was cold. During that time Alaska joined Russia with a huge grassy plain that wooly mammoths, short faced bears, bison, sloths, and giant beaver called home. Toward the end of the ice age is when they suspect that man ventured to North America.

Beringia Museum In Whitehorse Atlatl Throwing Beringia Museum In Whitehorse Giant Beaver
One of the tools they used was the atlatl, a stick used to amplify the range of spears. We had a very knowledgeable docent who took us out back to show us the use of the atlatl. He offered to let us guests try. Lots of spears flew every where but to any of the targets except for mine which struck a lion. Pure luck, I mean skill. Out in front of the museum was this Giant Beaver.

We had to hang around until 2:15 to watch a second movie about the Beringia period. Well worth the wait. We also looked around at the Transportation museum outside exhibits which we didn't see yesterday. While we waited for the second movie time. Lou fixed grilled cheese sandwiches with lobster bisque soup for lunch.

Klondike Ribs And Salmon BBQ In Whitehorse Bread Pudding
After the movie we fueled the RV and then stopped at the Klondike Ribs And Salmon BBQ where we had dinner last night and shared one of their deserts. The bread pudding our table neighbors had last night just looked too good. It was. The pudding is more like a Cinnamon /apple fritter. It's served with ice cream and caramel sauce.

With that mission accomplished we finally hit the road North toward Dawson City at 4pm. We turned onto the Klondike Highway, Highway 2. We stopped a few miles South of Braeburn at Mom's Bakery. We knew that Braeburn was famous for it's giant Cinnamon rolls. We picked up one of her cinnamon rolls for breakfast tomorrow. She makes other tasty looking treats. We chatted for a long time before leaving. Tracie, the owner, is an interesting lady. We headed out to the campground at the end of the road. That was where we could turn around. It looks like a nice place to camp as well. We continued up the road about 10 more miles and found the Braeburn Lodge whose sign, but not our guide, claimed had world famous Cinnamon rolls. We stopped and looked and they are huge and looked good so we got one of them as well. Looks like breakfast is taken care of for a while.

Overland Trail From Whitehorse To Dawson Roadhouse Carmacks Roadhouse
Back on the road we stopped in the village of Carmacks to look around. We drove in to the restored roadhouse, an old stage stop and trapped ourselves in the lot requiring unhooking and reconnecting the toad. Always that chance but, at least is wasn't raining much. There were several of these old roadhouses along the way. The one on the left above was just beside the Yukon Highway and the forest was growing through it. The one on the right, in Carmacks has been restored.

We continued up to Five Fingers, a hazard the river boats had to pass through on the Yukon River. There is a rest stop there and we had dinner and spent the night there. Lou made fried fish with rice and a green salad for dinner. We have a great view of the river and the five fingers. Tomorrow I'll hike down the 219 step stairs and trail to the bottom of our cliff to see them more closely.
(GPS: 62.27346, -136.343)

Big Cinamon Rolls
Braburn Lodge's cinamon roll on the left, Mom's on the right.
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