Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Silver Trail

Wednesday: (06/22) Another raining morning. Lou was busy cooking to warm us up. She started a stew in the slow cooker, cooked a bunch of sausage we picked up in Whitehorse, and prepared a nice breakfast of home fried potatoes, sausage and eggs. We bake a bunch of sausage and freeze it for future use. Makes breakfasts much easier.

Five Fingers On The Yukon River
Five Fingers On the Yukon River from our night spot on the highway. After breakfast, I hiked down by the river near the five fingers. Interesting to see how narrow their route between the rocks was. It would be interesting to see an old steamer go through. I didn't wait for one. The sign lied about the number of stairs down. It said there were 219 steps, I counted 229 and then there were another 12 up to an observation platform at the end. There were already enough for Lou not to venture down. By the time I was back up it was like a real hike.

Five Fingers On The Yukon River Five Fingers On The Yukon River
Closer views of the path a boat had to take to get through the fingers.

Five Fingers On The Yukon River Five Fingers On The Yukon River
A view of the RV way above the fingers. The light streak is one of the stairways. The trail was nice once past the stairs.

Pelly River Stewart Crossing
We crossed a couple of good sized rivers on the way up. The Pelly River and the Stewart River at Stewart Crossing where we took a side road, the Silver Trail, out to Mayo and moved in to the Five Mile Lake CG. It's a mile or two up the road from Mayo.

Flowers Along The Silver Trail
Flower on the road to Mayo.

Flowers Along The Silver Trail Flowers Along The Silver Trail
Nice flowers on the Silver trail road to Mayo.

Five Mile Lake CG Five Mile Lake CG
Above left are some flowers at our campsite at File Mile Lake.

Along the Silver Trail Keno Museum
After we set up we took the jeep on up the Silver Trail to Keno, an old mining town. The Trail looked more like gray rock but I can image it silver. They have a really nice museum there. It's so big it fills several buildings. We took a walk around town.

Keno Museum Keno Museum
Keno Museum Buildings 2 an 3.

Keno Snack Bar Pizza Sign Post Hill
When we met our neighbor campers they mentioned that there is a pizza place in Keno that makes outstanding pizza. When we were in Keno we spoke to a lady at the library and she said it was good so we stopped in and enjoyed a loaded pizza which was excellent. That meant the Lou's wonderful beef stew will have to stew another day. On the top of the mountain above Keno is the signpost above right.

View From Sign Post Hill Flowers On Keno Hill
The view from Keno Hill and some flowers on top. There was still snow up on the hill.

We then drove up to see the sign post up on top of keno Hill. It marks the location of the original claim that started the silver rush in these parts. From there you get a good view of the valley below. It's high enough that the snow is still around up there. When we got back down the mountain we took the long way home on the Dawson Creek Road. It's a smaller narrower, wetter dirt road returning back to the road we came out on. About four miles from our camp we crossed the Minto Bridge. We wondered why there were no beaver in the river and then thought we saw a lodge. We did and then saw two beavers that didn't mind our watching them work from our vantage point just above them on the bridge. We'll have to return tomorrow morning to see if we can get a morning look too.
(GPS: 63.652549, -135.8902399)

Beaver At Minto Bridge Binet house Mayo YT
Thursday: (06/23) First thing in the morning we headed up to the Mayo River, Minto Bridge to see if we could see the beaver. Evidently we were too late. We did see one but only until it went into the tall grass. We had a breakfast rerun from yesterday, sausage, home fried potatoes and eggs. We hooked up and went down to the big city of Mayo, YT. It's an old steamer landing where they loaded the ore from the mines and then they shipped it to San Francisco for smelting. We looked around a nice museum in the Binet House and then took the walking tour of town. We toasted the rest of our big cinnamon roll for lunch before we headed on back to Stewart Crossing and the Alaskan Highway.

Burl Mosquito At Moose Creek Lodge Stew And Toast
We got some gas at Stewart crossing then headed toward Dawson City. Along the way we stopped and saw a nice burl wood mosquito at Moose Creek Lodge on the Klondike Highway. We stopped at the Dawson City RV Park. Lou's stew was dinner
(GPS: 64.04087092, -139.40557558)
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