Sunday, June 19, 2011

Skagway Train Ride

Sunday: (06/19) We took a bus train tour to Skagway, Alaska today. A bus took us down to Fraser, BC where we boarded a narrow gauge train on to Skagway through the White Pass. We had lunch by the marina at the Skagway Fish Company. Fish and chips and shrimp and chips. Nice fresh fish but small quantities and average preparation. Pismo Beach Fish And Chips still rules. We walked about town which is almost entirely tourist junk and after our two hours were up boarded our bus for the return trip back to Whitehorse. An interesting place to visit. The weather there in Skagway, which is supposed to be rain forest was clear, warm and sunny. Not so up at Whitehorse where we started and ended in rain. There are some interesting sights along the way including 1 bear going and three bears returning. Looked like some interesting hikes are to be found in the area. We opted to save the gas and ride the train. We didn't visit Haines, Alaska which is just 14 miles away by ferry but that wouldn't have fit in our two hour window. We'll have to see how or if we make it to Haines on our Alaska travels.

Lake Along Road To Skagway By Bus Frozen Lake Along White Pass On Train Ride To Skagway
A lake along the way to Skagway. On the right, a frozen lake along the way to Skagway.

Train Ride To Skagway Skagway In Distance On Train Ride To Skagway
Our train to Skagway. On right above, Skagway is in the distance.

Skagway, Alaska Skagway Fish Co Skagway, Alaska
Downtown Skagway and our lunch spot Skagway Fish Co.

White Pass RR Snow Blower Skagway, Alaska
The snow blower used to clear the track each may, once a year. Not used now since the line only runs in summer.

Bear Along Highway From Skagway, Alaska Carcross Desert Along Highway From Skagway, Alaska
We saw this bear on the return trip from Skagway. On the way back we stopped at the Carcross Desert. Not really a desert but it looks something like one.

Tonight was laundry night. They have a very nice laundromat here in the park. For dinner Lou fixed my favorite dinner chili sizes and baked brownies. Fathers day paid off. No driving and a good dinner and desert.

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