Friday, June 17, 2011

Watson Lake, Yukon

Friday: (06/17) Leftover potatoes and ham with eggs for breakfast.

Dawson Creek Sign Forest Our Sign At Watson Lake Sign Forest
On to Waltson Lake to look at the sign forest and add our own sign. We stopped in Watson Lake at the visitor center, watched the movie and checked out the museum and the sign forest. We added our own little sign. I estimated it was 3020 miles from our home in Palo Alto. Not too permanent of a sign though. I just wrote on a DVD with a permanent marker.

Rancheria Falls Rancheria Falls
We stopped at Rancheria Falls along the way. A nice double water fall.

Flowers At Rancheria Falls
Saw these nice flowers on the hike out to the falls.

We stopped at the Dawson's Peaks Resort for their world famous rhubarb pie. It is properly considered world famous! They had good Wifi so I added this post.

Canol Road Junction Old Trucks Canol Road Junction Old Trucks
We continued up the road stopping where the Yukon Highway 6 meets the Alaskan Highway at a Rest Area/Historical Interest Point. They have been pulling out some of the old abandoned trucks that were used to make the highway during the WWII rush to complete the highway. Many were abandoned and cannibalized. They remind me of the old vehicles in our neighbors yards when I was young. Today our wildlife sightings were limited. We saw 5 bison, 2 bears and hit a hawk. Today we were fortunate to not have any rocks thrown at our windshield so no repairs needed tonight. We almost had a problem though. A hawk pulled into our lane and couldn't go 60 mph so we hit it at the top left of the driver windshield. Fortunately, no damage to us, the bird was another matter. Along the way, we saw fresh snow on the road. We just missed it's falling. We had experienced a little rain just before it ourselves.

Rest Stop
We stopped at a rest stop about 80 miles away from Whitehorse.

Mostaccioli spaghetti and Pan Toast
I fixed my famous spaghetti for dinner. It was a little different since I had to use mostaccioli noodles instead. The mosquitoes were bad here. If you stepped outside, you had to fight them off and when you stepped back in the battle continued with the hitchhikers.
(GPS: 60.38348918, -133.77711766)
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