Friday, June 24, 2011

Dawson City

Friday: (06/24) Lou made open faced eggs and bologna on English muffins for breakfast.

Dawson City Hardware Store Dawson City Motorcycle Convention
We drove downtown and took a walk around. Not too much of a town. Of course we visited the local hardware store. We always have to take a look. There were a lot of motorcycles in town today. Looks like a convention.

Dawson City Free Ferry Dawson City Not Cheap Ferry
A couple of ferries on the Yukon River. The one on the left above is the free ferry that we'll take out of town when we leave toward Alaska. The one on the right above is a charter taking a miner up to his camp. A truck and trailer house were loaded on the charter ferry. We understand that it cost the gold miner $17,000 for his ride up river to the gold fields. The ferry was also carrying 50000 gallons of diesel fuel for him as well. Not a hobby for the meek.

Dawson City butterflies Dawson City Ferry Ride
Butterflies near the arctic? We took a walk-on ride on the ferry  we'll be crossing the Yukon River on when we leave. It is a big river. We returned to camp to relax from our days efforts. Lou did the laundry while I looked at a couple of things on the RV.

Diamond Tooth Gertie And her Girls Dawson City Motorcycle Rodeo
We returned downtown to watch a couple of the Diamond Tooth Gertie' shows at her casino. Excellent show. Above left are Diamond Tooth Gertie and her girls. At the same time outside, the motorcycle group was having a cycle rodeo.

Dawson City Midnight Sun Dawson City From Dome Mountain At midnight
We topped the evening with a drive up to Dome Mountain for a look at Dawson City from way up high. Above left the midnight sun above Dawson City. Above right is a view of Dawson City at the same time.  It was only 11:30 pm but the sun was still high in the sky.
(GPS: 64.04087092, -139.40557558)

(06/25) Another sunny morning. Most of the mud is gone now. Oatmeal for breakfast.

Claim 33 Old Equipment Claim 33 Old Truck
We drove out to the gold fields. Above is some old mining equipment seen at Claim 33 on the gold fields road.

Dredge No 4 View Of El Dorado Creek Gold Fields
We visited Dredge #4 and the Original Claim Site. On the right above is an aerial view of the El Dorado Creek gold field. Hard to believe that a couple of feet below this green surface the ground is continuously frozen. We took the entire 60 mile loop through the fields. Lunch was cheese sandwiches. The clouds were gone most of the day and it was nice and warm all day. Dinner was leftover spaghetti and a green salad. Lou BBQ'd some ribs for latter use. I worked on recent photos. About 7pm we had a deluge and it rained well all evening.
(GPS: 64.04087092, -139.40557558)

Dawson City RV Park Flower On Gold Fields Road
Sunday: (06/26) Another sunny morning our storm is gone. Lou's beef stew for breakfast. Apples and peanut butter for lunch. Above left our campsite in Dawson City RV Park. I do like the nice flowers along the roads.

Dawson City Museum Dawson City Museum
We visited the Dawson City Museum today. It's located in the old provincial legislature building built back when Dawson was the main town in the Yukon. The circuit court is still using part of the building. Above left the docent demonstrate gold panning and sluicing.  The Dawson City Museum mannequins faces and hands were molded from real local people (above right).

Dawson City Museum
They have four locomotives that used to be working on a railroad that ran from Dawson City to Grande Forks. Much of that railroad ran through the area we drove yesterday. Above is the smallest one of the locomotives.

We stopped in and visited the Robert Service cabin and the recreation of Jack London's cabin. It started pouring ran while visiting the cabins. Before we returned home we did a little grocery shopping but that was delayed during a power outage likely cause by a lightening strike. Power was restored to the store after about 15 minutes. As we drove past the power company yard going home I heard the diesel generator running. It didn't look big enough to handle the entire town. That proved to be the case and we found we were without power at the RV park, which didn't matter too much to us but did cause us to not be able to fill up with gas as we had planned. We relaxed at home and watched the rain and some TV. We plan on pulling out tomorrow so need to get gas in both vehicles before we leave. About 7pm we took the ferry over to West Dawson and checked out the Provincial campground there, quite nice. We also drove out to Top Of The World Golf Course. Considering the weather here its a great looking golf course. You should even be able to play a midnight round?

Dawson City View From West Of The River
We stopped for a view of Dawson City from the West bank on the way home.

We returned to town and caught the 8:30 show at Gertie's then returned home. The power had returned sometime after we entered Gertie's and got home because we heard the generator when we went in. We returned for the midnight show at Gertie's. It is different. Rock and Roll was the theme and it was a little naughtier, but nice. This casino is probably the best and friendliest casino we've visited. It's run and owned by the community

Monday: (06/27). A not raining morning. We packed to leave and headed on down to the ferry.
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