Monday, June 13, 2011

Ice Fields Parkway

Monday: (06/13) Leftover pancakes and garlic sausage for breakfast. We left camp before 7am to beat the line at the dump and get on the road early toward Jasper. We wanted to get out of the park by 4pm this afternoon. There haven't been any entrance stations in any of the previous three national parks but there was as we started up the Ice Fields Parkway.

Almost immediately we stopped to watch a mother bear and her two cubs. We stopped at many places along the road to look at various lakes, glaciers, and water falls.

Black Bear Munching In Banff NP Bridal Veil Falls In Jasper NP
Another bear enjoying some delicious leaves. One of the many Bridalveil Waterfalls.

Canyon View At Weeping Wall Jasper NP Glacier In Jasper NP  In Jasper NP
Nice scenes everywhere along the way. On the right is a glacier in the Columbia Ice Fields.

Mistaya Canyon Gorge Banff NP Sunwapta Falls In Jasper NP
Interesting gorges.

Lower Sunwapta Falls Rainbow In Jasper NP Lower Sunwapta Falls In Jasper NP
And waterfalls.

Tangle Falls In Jasper NP Weeping Wall Jasper NP
*Leaking mountains.

Athabasca Falls In Jasper NP Athabasca Falls In Jasper NP
And more waterfalls.

Flowers At Sunwapta Falls In Jasper NP Flowers At Weeping Wall Jasper NP
Even a few flowers.

It was interesting to see a lake still almost frozen over in mid June. Lunch was popcorn. We weren't impressed with the ice fields. They just seemed cold and dirty. We stopped in Jasper for dinner and a walk.

Pan Toast And Bean Soup
Lou started some split pea soup in the slow cooker this morning. We enjoyed it for dinner with toast. We walked around town checked out few shops and then continued on turning just before Hinton onto Highway 40, the scenic way to Alaska per the sign.

Jarvis Lake CG At Switzer Provincial Park
About 12 miles up the road we entered Switzer Provincial Park and stopped at Jarvis Lake Campground for the night.

RV Rock Screen
The rock guard seems to be working.
(GPS: 53.44852, -117.8079)

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