Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Oregon, Along the Coast

We then went on a two week trip up the coast into Oregon. We stayed a couple of days at most camps. We stayed at Prairie Creek on a meadow site. Size wasn't a problem on the meadow, too bad they can't reserve a site there.

Our campsite on the Parrie at Parrie Creek

We then went to the Honey Bear RV Park near Gold Beach Oregon. We'll definitely return here. They have a deli where they make their own German sausages and serve a great dinner with a show at their lodge. We really enjoyed it.

Honey Bear Campsite

We stopped at several places along the coast making our way up to Tillamook and toured the cheese factory, we love cheese factories. The air museum was very good as well. We then went to Portland. Our daughter, Dawn, loves to visit Powell's Bookstore. We stayed at Jentzen RV park on an island north of Portland.

Williamette Trolly, Portland

We then went to Silver Falls State Park East of Salem. This park is a favorite as well. I like waterfalls. There are twelve water falls which can all be seen on an eight mile loop trail hike. Many can be driven to as well. The pictures don't do the falls justice.

One of the Silver Falls

Anoither Fall at Silver Falls