Thursday, March 28, 2013

White Spar CG to Upper Goldwater Lake

White Spar To Goldwater Lake Loop

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Thursday: (03/28) While camping at White Spa Campground I decided to hike over to the Goldwater Lakes.

White Spar CG To Goldwater Lakes Hike
I hiked from the campground on trail 396.

White Spar CG To Goldwater Lakes Hike Baby Horned Lizard  White Spar CG To Goldwater Lakes Hike Horned Lizard
Along the way I was lucky to spot two horned lizards a different locations. One was a baby the other the biggest I've ever seen.

White Spar CG To Goldwater Lakes Hike Pond
There was a large pond on a small stream by the trail. The water is hard to see because it is black.

Upper Goldware Lake  Upper Goldware Lake
Trail 396 passes by Lower Goldwater Lake about 200 feet above the lake level. The trail continues on past Upper Goldwater Lake but I exited the trail onto an unnamed trail that went down to the lake and along the edge. I stopped for lunch by the lake then returned up to Trail 396 to a connector to Trail 67 and returned home.

White Spar CG To Goldwater Lakes Hike
Trail 67 is really a road but still a nice hike. It was an eight mile hike with 2560 feet of climb and 600 feet of elevation change.

Monday, March 25, 2013

White Spar CG, Prescott, AZ

Prescott White Spar CG
Monday: (03/25) We returned to highway 60 then headed Northeast toward Prescott. When we met highway 89 we turned North. For a lunch break we stopped in Yarnell at the top of the mountains. It's a little town with a few antique stores, a market and a post office and not much else. We enjoyed our lunch then walked the main street visiting some of the stores. Our stop for the night was a little short of Prescott at the White Spar Campground, a nice forest service campground on top of the mountains about 3 miles from downtown Prescott. We'll use this as our base while we explore the area. Baked potatoes with chili, cheese and yogurt for lunch. Smoked pork chops with broccoli and macaroni with cheese for dinner.
(GPS: 34.5082, -112.4761)

Tuesday: (03/26) We drove downtown and explored several thrift stores and some antique stores. Even thought Lou generally drags me to these places I was the one that found things. I found eight of my western shirts at one thrift store. I also found some things on Lou;s list at an antique store. She's been looking for the cap and beaters for a butter churn bottle she has for years. Now she has it. I also found a Featherweight sewing machine. She's been looking for one for a friend and now the friend has one. We really like Prescott. It's a nice small interesting town. Asparagus omelet for breakfast. Lunch at El Charro Mexican restaurant downtown. I had chili relleno and Lou had an enchilada. Lou made artichoke chicken with rice and steamed carrots for dinner.

Wednesday: (03/27) I spent some time on the blog uploaded a few recent photos this morning. We went to town for a late breakfast a the Golden Corral Buffet. Afterwords we did a little shopping then returned home early. We took a walk on one of the trail before sunset. Dinner was a baked potato with sausage and cheese.

Thursday: (03/28) Asparagus omelet with fresh pineapple for breakfast. We had a relaxed morning and then I took off on a hike to Goldwater Lakes at 1130. Lou went in to town to check more thrift stores. I had my lunch of a beef stick and a granola bar by Upper Goldwater Lake. I was back in camp by 1445. It was an eight mile hike with 2560 feet of climb and 600 feet of elevation change. Lou made smoked pork chops, fried potatoes and sliced tomatoes for dinner.

Friday: (03/29) Anther nice day. We started the day with a visit to a thrift store then were off to breakfast at the Golden Corral Buffet. After breakfast we explored the nearby town of Prescott Valley then continued exploring back into the Northern part of Prescott. We managed to wast then entire day so we then returned to the Golden Corral Buffet for dinner. A double whammy buffet day! After dinner we stopped by Bucky's Casino up on a hill in the center of Prescott. Nice views from there. Lou did her usual $2 slot machine binge increasing here worth substantially. We finally returned home after 9pm in the dark. The campground has lots more campers tonight.

Saturday: (03/30) Cereal for breakfast. Our primary task for the day was dutie duty. While we have a wonderful campsite very near town, it isn't fully open. The water is still off due to being turned off for the winter. It won't be on for another 2-4 weeks. If there were water in the campground then we could empty our holding tanks at the city sewer plant. Even though Prescott isn't a small town, there are only two free sanitary dumps and only one has fresh water. That is at Affinity RV Service about 9 miles from camp. The only other places to dump are at RV parks and the one we checked is even further away. First we checked Affinity out for how to access it. We returned to camp to pickup the RV. For lunch, Lou made steak with garlic mashed potatoes, steamed carrots, steamed broccoli, and sliced tomatoes. After lunch, we returned with the RV and took care of our business. We did a little shopping along both trips and finally returned to camp, picked up the Jeep and drove out Senator Road to Roosevelt Lake and then on out Senator Road and back to town via about 20 miles of dirt roads stopping at Lynx lake. When we got back to town we stopped at the China Buffet for dinner then the Casino again for a short visit. i dropped Lou off at the door and before I got in she had one her jackpot already. Not a bundle but a win and several times what she bet. I got to enjoy a beer while I waited for Lou. We even made it home before dark and got to watch the sunset through the trees. 

Sunday: (03/31) We relaxed at home all day. I tinkered at the computer while Lou did crafts.  In the evening I took a little 4 mile loop hike on Trails 396>374>373. I fixed home fried potatoes with onions and peppers and steak and eggs. Grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.Lou made beef stroganoff for dinner.

Monday: (04/01) Cereal for breakfast. We started with our morning walk around the campground. I tinkered at the computer most of the morning.before we headed in to town. Our first stop was at the Scooter And Auto Source. They have some cute scooters, motorcycles and 4x4's to look at. They have several motorcycles with side cars. One was a BMW the others were something they sell new but since they are from Russia they look antique. They are something like a motorcycle jeep. The brand is the URAL. They also had a 1948 Russian Jeep. Fun to look at. Then we stopped at the Casa Sanchez Mexican restaurant for lunch. I had a chili relleno burrito while Lou had a tomale. Then our mission task, doing the laundry. A little shopping and thrifting on the way home. Lou made stir fry noodles for dinner.

Tuesday: (04/02) We spent the morning in camp. I tinkered at the computer while Lou was busy organizing. After lunch Lou dropped me off at Thumb Butte. While I hiked she returned to town to look around. It was a nice day for the hike. See Post. Corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. A Greek salad for lunch. leftovers for dinner. I had beef strogonoff and Lou had salad.

Skull Valley

Wednesday: (04/03) We took a drive out to Granite basin but missed out turn off Iron Springs Road so we just continued on up the road to Skull Valley, a very small town about 15 miles West of Prescott. We enjoyed an ice cream at the little market there. The proprietor said we just missed the fun. He said  every morning about six of the old timers meet at the market for coffee and to tell stories. That could have been interesting. We may have to return earlier if we visit the town again. Note the sign on the road by the power pole near the Skull Valley Garage says "Dead End". How appropriate.

We returned back to Granite Basin and checked out the campground which we were considering to move to. Our current campsite is a little better so we probably wont be moving. We stopped by Granite Basin Lake and I took a little 7.4 mile hike while Lou relaxed by the lake. Corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. Car snacks for lunch. Golden Corral Buffet for dinner.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Alamo Lake State park

Alamo Lake Site E34
Saturday: (03/23) We took I10 to highway 60 then about 35 miles up to Wenden where we decided to turn North to Alamo Lake State Park for a visit. We've never been there before. It's about 40 miles up a nice road to the lake on the Bill Williams River also about 40 miles East of the Parker Dam. Only the one paved road to the lake so we'll be leaving via Wenden  later. Nice weather, a bit cooler than down at Yuma. Leftover French fries with leftover hot and sour and chili bean soups for lunch. Another nice campsite. No TV and a rather weak roaming cell signal. In the afternoon we took a jeep trek. We can see many RV's parked on the hills across the wash from the park where we as camped. They are on BLM land which is free, hence the popularity. To get to the other site of the wash involves a 15 mile drive. 5 mile back South on the road we came in on, 5 miles East on Wayside Road and then 5 miles back North on the Wickenberg Road. All those roads are gravel.

Alamo Lake Upper End Alamo Lake Upper End Road
We explored the potential campsites and drove out to the lakes upper end for a short walk then returned home. We're comfortable where we are for this trip. Salmon with rice and acorn squash glazed with apricot jam for dinner.
(GPS: 34.2588, -113.5637)

Sunday: (03/24) We relaxed at home all day today. Lou made an omelet for breakfast. For lunch I had a grilled cheese and ham sandwich for lunch while Lou had a baked potato with blue cheese topping. Dinner was red peppers soup with coleslaw.

Monday: (03/25) Lou's fresh baked gluten free bread with sausage gravy for breakfast. We left Alamo Lake about 11am.

Quick Stop In Quartzsite

Friday: (03/22) We drove up to Quartzsite where we stopped for the night. Along the way near the North end of the Army  Proving Grounds we saw a couple of wild horses romping around near the road. Burros are the more common hoofed animal in these parts.  First order of business in Quartzsite was to do our laundry. Then we went to dinner at the Grubsteak Bar. Great fish and chips there. We then drove out to Scadden Wash, a free BLM site East of town for the night. Granola and strawberries for breakfast. Cold cuts for lunch. Fish and chips for me and a breadless chicken sandwich and chips for Lou for dinner.
(GPS: 33.66565, -114.18703)

Saturday: (03/23) With our gas and LPG tanks filled, we drove out to the Mountain Quail Restaurant for breakfast. We also stopped at the General store and picked up some of the excellent sausage for later use.  Lou had steak and eggs and I had chicken fried steak and eggs. We then hit the I10 highway East to highway 60.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Squaw Lake Again

Wednesday: (03/20)Lunch at a rest stop along the highway. Asparagus rice and sausage. We took a shortcut from Ligurta, about 21 miles East of Yuma, through Dome Valley to the Proving Grounds then on to Squaw Lake to our campsite. Chinese chicken salad for dinner. In the evening, Lou baked some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. I worked on adding photos for the past three weeks worth of posts.
(GPS:32.9034, -114.4767)

Thursday: (03/21) We drove over to Los Algodones to the dentist. Lou was the first customer. I left her there and headed over to the barber for a hair and beard trim. $3 haircuts just can't be passed up. I was also the first customer of the day.

Los Algodones Parade Los Algodones Parade
As I was headed back to meet Lou I had to stop for a children s parade that was passing through town. Lou met me there having already finished getting her bridge adjusted, x-rays and a checkup and then stopping by the taco vendor to see when he started serving. Somehow it seems a haircut shouldn't take longer than all Lou did? We had to wait about 40 minutes for out very early lunch of tacos just after 10am. They were excellent as usual. We then crossed quickly back into the US since it was so early and headed over to Yuma to do our thrift store visits and a little shopping before returning home. On the way home we stopped for date shakes. I then enjoyed a nice shower to get rid of the little hairs left from my trim. Then a relaxing evening. Granola and bananas for breakfast. Shrimp tacos with vanilla milk shakes for lunch. Date milk shakes for an afternoon delight. Chili beans from the freezer for dinner.

Squaw Lake Hedge Hog Flowers Squaw Lake Yellow Flowers
Squaw Lake Flowers are now in bloom.

Friday: (03/22) After breakfast we drove over to the Yuma Foothills and visited with a couple we met last time we were here, Marvin, Carol and Cooper (the dog). After the visit we returned to the RV at the lake and prepared to leave. Before leaving we had lunch. We drove up to Quartzsite where we stopped for the night.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

University Of Arizona Mirror Lab Tour

Tuesday: (03/19) We stopped at the Seward Observatory Mirror Lab on the University of Arizona campus. Lou really wanted to take this tour while I wasn't so interested. My interest changed during our orientation. I had no idea of the advances in mirror technology or telescope capabilities in the past few years. Evidently this lab is the world leader in telescope mirror development and production. They have built a binocular telescope, each with a 27 foot mirror, that is 10 times more powerful than the Hubble telescope yet much smaller in design than previous designs. It went online a year ago and there are even more powerful telescopes in production. This is another technology that vastly improves when combined with computers, lasers and space shuttle technologies. I'm truly impressed with their work here.

Tucson University Of Arizona Seward Mirror Lab  Of Arizona Seward Mirror Lab
Our tour guide Alan Brass.

Tucson University Of Arizona Seward Mirror Lab  Of Arizona Seward Mirror Lab Tucson University Of Arizona Seward Mirror Lab  Of Arizona Seward Mirror Lab
Above left is the dual grinder. On the right is the measurement test rig.

Tucson University Of Arizona Seward Mirror Lab  Of Arizona Seward Mirror Lab Tucson University Of Arizona Seward Mirror Lab  Of Arizona Seward Mirror Lab
Above left is the furnace being prepared to cast another mirror. On the right above is a portion of the honeycomb mirrors that they make here.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Tohono Chul Park and Tucson Botanical Garden

Tucson Tohono Chul Park
Monday: (03/18) We toured the Tohono Chul Park, a desert botanical garden today. Above is one of the flowering cacti there. Scrambled eggs and chorizo for breakfast. Lunch at the parks Garden Bistro. A tuna salad for dinner.

Tuesday: (03/19) Granola and bananas for breakfast. We were off early to the Tucson Botanical Gardens ths morning.

Tucson Botanical Gardens Tucson Botanical Gardens
The gardens are great examples of back yard garden posibilities.

Tucson Botanical Gardens  Tucson Botanical Gardens Tucson Botanical Gardens
They also have an excellent butterfly garden.

Tucson Botanical Gardens Tucson Botanical Gardens
We really enjoyed the early quieter time in the garden before all a group of school kids arrived. Not that they were unruly, just that all the quiet disappeared.

Tucson Botanical Gardens Tucson Botanical Gardens
We had to leave by noon to head over to the University. Returning in the afternoon after our tour at the University was really a benefit. When we visited in the morning there were few flowered cacti. In the afternoon there were many.

Tucson Botanical Gardens  Tucson Botanical Gardens
Lunch was ham and cheese sandwiches and apples. After our tour at the University we returned to the gardens for a little more quiet time before heading home. We were pleasantly surprised by the fresh cactus blooms that were present on our second visit and not on our first visit.On the way we stopped at the U Like Chinese buffet for dinner.

Wednesday: (03/20) Granola and bananas for breakfast.

Catalina SP Adobe Canyon Hike  Catalina SP Adobe Canyon Hike
 spotted this little flower on my attempted hike to Adobe Canyon. There were lots more flowers out today. Above right is one of the better portions of my path on this hike. The unofficial trail officially disappeared. I was back to camp much sooner than planned only hiking one mile instead of my planned 3 mile hike but without a good trail I decided to return home.

We completed preparation to travel and headed out about 11am. We decided to head to Yuma again so Lou can visit the dentist again.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Romero Pools Hike

Sunday: (03/17) We awoke early so that we could drive from the Casio Del Sol to Catalina State park so I could go on an early hike. The trailhead is quite busy and the parking area holds a couple of hundered cars but I was still concerned about taking extra space to park the RV. We won't be able to check in to our campsite  until after the hike. I wasn't so concerned as to miss the hike though. We had eleven hikers for the hike from the Tucson Hiking Meetup Group

Romero Pools, Catalina State Park, Arizona

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Catalina SP Romero Canyon Trail Catalina SP Romero Canyon Trail
We started our hike by fording a stream. The flowered are starting to really come out now.

Catalina SP Romero Pools Catalina SP Romero Pools
I was surprised by how much water there was at these pools.

Catalina SP Romero Pools
While I was on the hike, Lou cut her hair, showered, and took a short walk along the creek. After the hike we checked in to our campsite and i took my shower. Then we were off to the Golden Corral Buffet for our late corned beef and cabbage lunch for Saint Patricks Day. We spent most of the rest of the afternoon shopping. Lou visted a thrift store and I the Harbor Freight Tools store. We enjoyed root beer floats for our dinner.
(GPS: 32.427592, -110.916667)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Titan II Missile Site

Titan II Missile Site Titan II Missile Site
Saturday: (03/16) We headed South a few miles on I19 to the only remaining Titan II Missile site.

Titan II Missile Site Titan II Missile Site
It's an intact site, including the dummy training Titan II missile. The other 53 sites were totally destroyed nearly 20 years ago. It was interesting to see how primitive the systems were that could have eliminated mankind.

San Xavier Mission  Crested Saguaro Cactus Near San Xavier Mission
We stopped for a look at the San Xavier Mission and spotted this crested saguaro by I19 at the Mission exit.

After lunch we headed back to Tucson to do a little more exploring. Lou made scrambled eggs and chorizo for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch. Corn and green pepper chowder at Sprout's Market for dinner.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Casino Del Sol

Friday: (03/15) We planned to renew our campsite at Catalina State Park for a few more days this morning but there were no spaces available through the weekend. Evidently they are having spring break now.


Before we left i took a short hike on the Canyon Loop Trail.

Then we headed out to the Casino Del Sol for a couple of nights after paying for three more nights at Catalina State Park starting Sunday night. I relaxed at the RV the rest of the day while Lou explored the shops nearby. Cereal, bananas and yogurt for breakfast. Leftover beak soup for lunch. Spaghetti squash and pepper salad with mushrooms and ham for dinner.

(GPS:32.1286, -111.0831)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pima Air and Space Museum

Pima Air And Space Museum Pima Air And Space Museum
Tuesday:(03/12) We headed out to the Pima Air and Space Museum this morning. Davis-Monthan Air Force Base is here in Tucson and the museum is adjacent to the base. The air base is where all military airplanes go to be put in mothballs for storage when retired or become excess. It's a big museum with lots of planes to look at.

Pima Air And Space Museum Pima Air And Space Museum
We didn't finish it today so it's a good thing we bought two day tickets so we'll return for another visit in a couple of days. After the museum threw us out for the day we had dinner and stopped by a laundromat to do our laundry before returning home. Granola and bananas for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Pastrami sub and chili at Eegee's sub shop for dinner.

Wednesday: (03/13) Ham eggs and hashbrowned potatoes for breakfast. Tuna salad sandwich for lunch. Cottage cheese and fruit for dinner. Relaxed at home all day.

Pima Air Museum Pima Air Museum Boneyard Tour
Thursday: (03/14) We returned to the Pima Air and Space Museum this morning. Even though we arrived earlier we still didn't have enough time to see everything in the two days. We did take the bus tour of the airplane boneyard over on Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. There is a lot to see at this museum. Now I"ll have to study the website for more information about some of the planes. 

Ham eggs and hashbrowned potatoes for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch.Golden Corral for dinner.