Friday, October 29, 2004

Photo Link Updates

Sometimes procrastination is of value., the host of my photo albums, is updating their website and unfortunately, while they are updating it, the photo albums won't be available. In addition, all the links will need to be updated for the albums. The good thing is, I haven't uploaded and added links to my fall trip so I saved a little work by waiting. As soon as the albums are available again, I'll update the links.

Here are some new pictures of the Fall Trip:
Alabama Hills
Bristle Cone Pines
Bishop Creek
Kearsarge Pass
El Churro Regional Park, San Luis Obispo
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
Laws Railroad Museum, Yosemite NP
Mt Whittney
Oroville, Ca

Thursday, October 28, 2004

New Batteries

I've just completed some updates to the RV. I installed 6 AGM deep cycle batteries to replace to 2 wet cell Trojan batteries. This should allow for up to two days of our heavy use without the need to run the generator. AGM Batteries are no maintenance low internal resistance batteries that are great for high current use and fast recharge, good for use with the inverter.
This Christmas, when we go to Las Vegas and Arizona, I'll get some solar panels installed. That should complete all the modifications that are planned. About 400 watts of panels should allow normal electrical use while dry camping (boondocking). The Motosat satellite system used for the Internet connection is a bit of an energy hog drawing about 10 amps without considering the laptop(s).

Monday, October 25, 2004

Bedroom TV

We found a deal at Office Max and got an LCD/TV monitor for the bedroom. I made a bracket so it is mounted to the wall at eye level so I can setup a desktop later and it can be used for a computer as well.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Office Setup

I've setup my office in the RV. I've been looking for a good, small printer to install in the dash where the TV was. I found the Brother MFC-420cn, a multifunction scanner, fax, copier, and printer. It's a color inkjet printer and it includes a document feeder for the scanner. It also has USB and Ethernet ports. I connected the Ethernet port to the RV's network hub so it can be shared. All this for $149. Wow!

I wanted to build it into the dash behind the TV/Monitor but I haven't had enough ambition yet. I did build a box to hold it temporarily and I'm thinking it may be a better idea. I'll try it for a while. I can always use the dash area for more storage.
The box provides protection for the printer and some storage area for all the other stuff you may need like sun glasses, camera, note pads and maps.
The top lifts off when you want to make a copy. The top is a good place for the laptop when using the drivers seat.

Friday, October 1, 2004

San Francisco GG Park

Traveled home to Palo Alto from Quincy, Ca via Marysville and San Francisco.

Had breakfast at a park in Marysville. Enjoyed the company of many feathered friends. One liked to perch on garbage cans. I saw her on top of several different cans.

I stopped in Golden Gate Park and looked around the Fushia Garden, the Japanese Tea Garden, and the Strybing Botanical Garden. This is a great park! Sometimes what's at home is as good or better than what you find on the road. I find all botanical gardens of interest though. There were lots of friendly squirrels like above.

I had noticed there were no koi fish in any of the ponds. As I was ready to leave three boxes were delivered. Inside each box was one big water filled bag with one big koi. They said they came from Capistrano. I hope they enjoy their new home.
See All the Photos:
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco