Saturday, September 30, 2017

Yard Work Before Play

Saturday: (09/30) First project was weeding and pruning the front flowerbed, doing a little filling and then topping with mulch. The second project was digging out the neighbor's walkway for adding baserock. About ⅔’s completed. Dawn’s bread pudding for breakfast. Leftover pad Thai and a baked potato for lunch. Lou made a tuna noodle casserole for dinner.


Friday, September 29, 2017

Mt Umunhum Preserve Hike

Friday: (09/29) Breakfast at L&L Hawaiian. Met Alex and carpooled to Mt Umumhum. Tara planned this hike up to the top of the mountain which was an Air Force Radar Station until 1980. It has been owned by the open space district since 1986 and only opened to the public this past month.  It was a nice 3.7 mile trail from the parking area to the top. There were low clouds below over the valley but nice clear views of the mountains in the distance. Lunch from KFC. Lou made smoked ribs with cauliflower mashed potatoes for dinner.


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

More exercise and Back To My Roots

Tuesday: (09/26)I managed to get the last of the big roots out for the neighbor's sidewalk. This project was definitely more than planned. Now to do the final level, install the baserock and pour the concrete. Since the heat will be up tomorrow i probably won't be doing much. I need to soften the dirt with some water before digging it out. So tomorrow I may be doing some concrete sawing for the continuation of the utilities to the RV that pass undV driveway. I made corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. Dawn made me an almond butter sandwich with lemonade for lunch. For dinner, Lou made cheeseburgers with sauteed onions and mushrooms.

Wednesday: (09/27)  I did little today, partly because of the threat of a really hot day. I moved the loose dirt from the neighbor's walkway and watered it to make the final digging easier later. In the afternoon I rode the bus down to the San Antonio Mall and watched the construction crew pouring a concrete floor in the basement garage. Leftover corned beef hash for breakfast. Hotdog sandwich for lunch. Chinese food from LUU Noodle House for dinner.

Thursday: (09/28) My project of the day was to modify the recliner sofa to be a loveseat sofa. I detached the three sections seats from the rails. I cut the rails to a shorter length then drilled some holes to attach the seat sections. Nice loveseat now. To do this project I had to go the hardware store twice to get drill bits. I also bought some new 5 gallon buckets and some geotextile fabric. Lou made chicken pot pie stew for breakfast. Lunch at Round Table Pizza. An afternoon snack of some dim sum. More chicken pot stew for dinner.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Butano State Park Hike

Monday: (09/25) Butano State Park hike. Only three of us hiked today. It was an 18 mile hike. We finished up about 1630. The leader, Cornell and I had dinner at Duarte’s in Pescadero. They have a nice artichoke soup, which I had. Cornell had artichoke ravioli. The weather was nice for our hike, not hot but not cold. Breakfast at Jack In The Box. I managed to leave my backpack at home. Fortunately, Lou called and reminded me before I was very far from home having just finished my breakfast. It could have been a thirsty hike. Here is a link to the GPS track:



Friday, September 8, 2017

R and R Time

Friday: (09/08) Lou had started our breakfast last night. it was roast beef and vegetables with baked potatoes. While I was gone, they started having dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. Biggest meals in the morning, eating lighter for dinner. I called the Post office in Sisters and had my resupply boxes forwarded home.  Went through the mail. Otherwise pretty much relaxed all day. Lou and I had lunch at LUU Noodle House. We also did some shopping at Sprout's Market. For dinner, I made Spanish Rice with pork. Lou steamed some artichokes as well. In the evening I worked on my PCT resupply plans for the Sierra section.

Saturday: (09/09) Finished my resupply box for VVR in Yosemite. Packages there require two weeks lead and if I go Southbound it will be my first resupply 6 days after I start from Tuolumne Meadows. I currently plan of SB because of both weather concerns and because the last 30 miles to Kennedy Meadows will be downhill. My only other resupply will be at Independence. I had to make a little shopping run first the delivered it to UPS for delivery. Otherwise relaxed. I lost 15 pounds on my hike. Now I have to manage that weight so I don't regain it.

Sunday: (09/10) Usual slow Sunday morning start watching the CBS Sunday Morning Show. Have to do a quick check of my clothes in the RV pack to go. We depart for Oceana for a visit there the rest of the week. Leftover Spanish rice with soft boiled eggs for breakfast. We finished loading the RV and were on the road at 1010. Stopped for gas and lunch from Burger King in Gilroy. Had to take a nap in Soledad. Arrived in Oceana about 1600. Dinner at the usual Pismo Fish And Chips restaurant. All settled in now. GPD: 35.104704 -120.625500

Monday: (09/11) Leftovers for breakfast. We took a walk around the area and relaxed at home in the morning. For lunch, we visited the Old Juan Mexican restaurant. Lou and I had some nice huevos rancheros and Dawn had a sampler. We had enough leftovers for dinner. We spent the afternoon visiting thrift stores in Grover Beach and San Luis Obispo. A nice day today in the mid 70’s in Oceana and mid 80’s in SLO. We had a good lightening and rain storm last night.


Tuesday: (09/12) Lou made strawberry pancakes with bacon for breakfast. Lou and Dawn were off shopping in Grover Beach and Arroyo Grande. I spent most of the day at home except for a trip to Mei Chinese restaurant for lunch and a visit to Miners Hardware. Lou made lentil soup for dinner. Today was overcast and much cooler than yesterday.

Wednesday: (09/13) We drove to San Luis Obispo for some more shopping.  Grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast. Lunch at Luisa’s Restaurant downtown SLO. Soup for dinner.

Thursday: (09/14) Leftover soup for breakfast. Pork and cheese sandwiches for lunch.Dawn and I took a walk through the March and around the neighborhood. Visited the SLO  Farmers Market. Met fellow SJMWH Sadie and Paul at the market. Had dinner and a drink at Blast Pizza.



Friday: (09/15) We prepared to leave our temporary home here in Oceana. We were only able to get 5 days in the campground. We stopped in Paso Robles for a thrift store inspection. Another stop in Greenfield for lunch and a nap for me. The third stop in Gilroy for another nap for me and thrift store visit for Lou and Dawn. Breakfast at Country Kitchen in Arroyo Grande. Lunch in Greenfield at San Miguel Market. Chili and sausage for dinner at home.

Saturday: (09/16) I started loading my pack and resupply box for the hike. To that end I stopped at the Walmart Neighborhood Market for a few things for the hike. The reason i was out was to visit the Harbor Freight store. I wanted a concrete grinding wheel. When I got home I used the grinding wheel to level a drain cleanout on the new front walkway. The imperfection was driving my neighbor crazy. I also did a little weeding in the back yard. Granola for breakfast. Dim sum for lunch. Beef noodles, cold roasted vegetables and artichokes for dinner.

Sunday: (09/17) I loaded my pack and prepared the final resupply box for my PCT hike. I also tried to determine a way to get to Tuolumne Meadows by bus. It seems I may be too late for that. One bus only runs on weekends now and the other stopped a week ago for the season. Also the weather report is not looking good. I can only get a 5 day forecast ad it shows snow next week. I may have to wait until next year to continue? I’ll make the call tomorrow. Beef noodles for breakfast. Cauliflower “Macaroni” and cheese for lunch. Smoked pork chops with corn on the cob for dinner.

Monday: (09/18) Decision day. After rechecking the weather and contacting Yosemite and Vermillion Valley Resort, my start and first resupply locations, I have decided to postpone my Sierra hike until next year. With a snowstorm coming the day I would start, the potential of really cold nights continuing, support services closing down, reduced the potential for hitching rides, etc, it just didn’t look like a nice hike. I really wouldn’t want to be snowed in. I was once snowed in at Tuolumne Meadows for a week in 1967 in early August. That stay was more doable because of the services still available there. Those services are closing or closed down now. Nice to have finally made the decision. Now to get back to home life. I’ll be returning to local hiking, working on projects here and probably another RV outing. We all went grocery shopping this morning and IKEA looking in the afternoon. Breakfast at A Good Morning restaurant and dinner at Mi Pueblo Market.




Tuesday: (09/19) Enjoyed tea in the back yard and watched the plants and lawn grow. Cleared my email inbox and wrote emails. Relaxed. Busy, busy. Cauliflower casserole with carnitas for breakfast. Hotdog avocado and cheese sandwich for lunch. Shredded zucchini with clam sauce and an artichoke for dinner.

Wednesday: (09/20) I worked on the RV refrigerator which hasn’t been working on gas but fine with electric. I blew out the rear of it and blew the gas heater out. Seems to be working fine now. A little shopping in the evening. Otherwise just relaxing. Lou made bacon hash for breakfast. We had lunch at the Corner Bakery. Lou made beef stew over noodles for dinner.

Thursday: A day out. We had leftover beef noodles for breakfast. Then we were off to Fort Mason in San Francisco. Dawn wanted to go to a book sale there. I wanted to ride the new SMART train in Marin County. Lou tagged along with me. We caught the Golden Gate Transit bus up to San Rafael. From there we rode the SMART train, which started service last month, up to Santa Rosa. Their trains are diesel powered light rail vehicles. They really did their system right. Comfortable seats, restroom on train, snack bar on train, power to each seat. Booth tables, easy bicycle storage. The only odd thing is the schedule of the trains. It seems there are holes in their schedule where obviously the operators take their breaks and lunch. So it runs every 30 minutes except it’s an hour for morning and afternoon breaks and 1.5 hour when they take lunch. We got a late start so we ended up at San Rafael when they were on their lunch break so we had lunch there instead of in Santa Rosa as planned. Our lunch was at a nice Puerto Rican restaurant called Sol. We made it back to Fort Mason a little after 6pm and picked up Dawn. Dawn wanted to visit Amoeba Records as well. After that we stopped at the Olive Garden restaurant for dinner before going home.

Friday: (09/22) Nothing accomplished today. We did make a run to Costco in redwood City. Lou like the gas prices there better than here, about 45 cents/gallon cheaper. Leftover Fettuccine for breakfast. Lunch at La Victoria restaurant in Redwood City. Leftover ravioli for dinner.

Saturday: (09/23) We moved the old sofa bed and loveseat out to the front yard with a free sign on them. There is now room to walk around in the living room with only one of each of those covering the floor now. Ernie assisted with moving the stuff outside. We also rolled our wagon over to Courtney’s pace a couple of blocks away and got a dining room table she wants to give away and added it our our sales floor. Lou and I made a shopping run to Walgreens, Harbor Freight, and Home Depot. Lou had an online order delivered to the Walgreens store, I needed a new wheel for my dumping wagon and we got some compost and manure at HD. We all went to an early dinner at Sweet Tomatoes salad and soup buffet.  Lentil soup with a weiner for breakfast. An apricot jam peanut butter sandwich for lunch. Sweet Tomatoes restaurant for dinner.

Sunday: (09/24) I spent the day chopping and chipping tree roots in preparation to pour some sidewalk for our neighbor. Leftover ravioli for breakfast. A tuna salad for lunch. Leftover beef noodles for dinner.