Saturday, January 31, 2015

PCT 2015 Plans

I plan on continuing my PCT hike this year. On March 26th I continued Northbound from mile 207 (Palm Springs) where I stopped the first time last year. Lou has required that I check in regularly so she can confirm I'm not killing myself. For that reason, I'll be doing about 250 mile sections (about two-two and one half weeks out) before she will pick me up and I will take some time off. Since my hike has turned in to a Section Hike, this is not a problem. I'll try to hike up to Kennedy Meadows in two outings and then possibly go through the Sierras on a third outing.

Schedule (tentative)

03/26 Mile 207 (Highway 10) to Mile 342 at I15, Cajon Pass. On 04/05 I decided to take a week off here due to an impending snow storm just ahead.

04/12 I returned to Cajon Pass and hiked to Acton, MM444. Again, I decided to take a break due to serious hay fever and a sore knee.

The hay fever was cleared easily but the sore knee hasn't improved enough to return to the trail as of 05/03. Due to this delaym if my knee gets better I may skip more desert for this year and start somewhere further North.

??/?? MM444 at Action to MM566 at Highway 58 at Tehachapi. 122 miles.

??/?? MM56 Highway 58 at Tehachapi to MM703 at Kennedy Meadows. 137 miles.

If allowed, then I may get another section below:

??/??  Mile 703 (KM) to Mile 1093 (South Lake Tahoe) = up to 32 days.

If I'm lucky I may get to do this next section:

??/?? Mile 1093 (So Lake Tahoe)  to Mile 1507 = up to 32 days.

And then if I'm really lucky, the weather is great and I'm actually a bit ahead of schedule I may complete the hike by doing the final section below:

??/?? Mile 1507 (Dunsmuir) to Mile 2155 (Cascade Locks).

In reality, in order to maintain a happy home life I'll probably only do the first two sections this year. However, it is doable this year at my estimated 15 miles per day. If I step it up to 20 miles a day, who knows?

Friday, January 30, 2015

More RV Repairs

Friday: (01/30) I spent some time putting tings away that I'd been using in San Jose and reorganized my tool bags.

OK, now it is time to get ready to go. I wanted to do a deferred RV repair. When we were in Panguitch, Utah a couple of years ago and had the RV in the shop there getting new exhaust manifolds while the RV was driven off the lift, the sewer drain line was broken at the gray water tank valve. Wouldn't be a really difficult job, if it weren't for the fact that there is no room to add a coupler to attach the replacement valve hub which is what broke. It's all directly attached hub to elbow to elbow to tee. That meant I had to replace everything so that is why I just taped it up with friction tape and all has been well since. But it was time to do the real repair. I had purchased the fittings earlier. I've been thinking of how I might make it better so an impact to the 3" drain line didn't break anything in the future. So I relocated the tee further upstream and ran the 1.5" line from the gray water tank to it via a short length of pipe coupled with a couple of rubber hubless fittings. Now, when the 3" line is moved, the 1.5" line just flexes because of the rubber fittings and the extra pipe length. It all sounds simple to do but it was underneath the RV, difficult to get to, etc, etc. I hadn't decided on the rubber hubless fittings previously so I had to go get them. In doing so, one fitting was mislabeled so I had to return to get the proper one. I finished most of the new installation tonight but will finish the rest tomorrow morning.

We all went to A Good Morning Restaurant for breakfast. Leftover French onion soup and toast  for lunch. Jambalaya rice with baked beans and grilled pork for dinner.

Saturday: (01/31) Leftover spinach au gratin potatoes with chorizo for breakfast. I finished up the RV drain repair and modification. Seems to work now, no leaks. Lou wanted to take a shower in the RV and do a thorough cleaning of the shower. Shouldn't have been a problem except the water heater wouldn't start. It sometimes acts up but usually eventually starts. Not this time. I trouble shot that and determined everything is good except for the control board so I ordered one for one day delivery from Amazon. Hopefully that will fix it and we can be off tomorrow sometime or early Monday. Nice green salads for lunch. BBQ ribs for dinner.

RV Sewer Repair 0100


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Red Rock Canyon SP

Friday: (02/27) Leftover chili for breakfast. After our last unlimited showers we prepared for launch. Helen's son Jay stopped by and then Helen was off to a class and we were on the road by 1000. We stopped at Camping world to get a new plug for the sink and LPG. We also filled the gas tanks in the RV and Jeep then headed out Highway 58 to Tehachapi. Clear skies and nice weather. Lunch at the Apple Shed. Lou had soup and I had the soup and salad bar. Then we continued on to Highway 14 and up to Red Rock Canyon State Park. there were high wind warning signs for the highway as there seems to always be. No problems though. The campground was about 1/3 full. We chose a nice site next to the cliff with a view of the valley and no sigh of water flowing through it recently like several campsites had. clips and salsa for dinner. I have joined Lou with her cold. she thought she had an allergy attack this past week but I don't catch allergy attacks. We binge watched the TV show Weeds.

Saturday: (02/28) Granola with strawberries for breakfast. We walked the campground then took a drive. We drove some Jeep roads East of Highway 14. Came to the end of our path where the road headed  up a steep bumpy rock. Some Jeeps more capable than ours coming the opposite direction wouldn't come down. Some ATV's an motorcycles made it with difficulties. We drove backtracked around via another road to the other side then further out the roads until the road condition an threat of rain turned us around. Ham an cheese sandwiches for lunch. Roast chicken baked beans and broccoli for dinner. A little rain in the ex evening and overnight.

Sunday: (03/02) Granola for breakfast. Lou's hot and sour soup for lunch. Chorizo sausage and onions for dinner. A rainy day while we nursed our colds at home. Exciting! More binge Weeds watching.

Monday: (03/02) Skillet chorizo eggs and potatoes for breakfast. We started with a short walk around behind the bluffs up the wash. Lou did quite well. After some tea at camp overlooking the valley I took off for a walk along the bluff edge. It was only a little over 2 miles but occasionally quite exciting because parts of it were on the knife edge of the rim and other parts just along the bluff edge. Good views! A quick hike for someone recovering from a cold. After hot and sour soup for lunch it was time for a nap. We then walked across the valley to the visitor center but it was closed. Seems like it should have been open. So, we headed off in the Jeep to Dove Springs then West through the Blm lands on jeep/ATV roads coming out on a paved road that took us North to Weldon. We stopped use the cell phone since we had signal. We continued East on Highway 178 to Highway 14, the South to our camp at Red Rock Canyon SP. Chili sizes for dinner. We listened to radio mysteries in the evening.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Final Week For Drain Project

Monday: (01/26) A short walk across San Jose State university campus to get my usual bacon breakfast burrito from La Victoria. I mixed and poured another section of concrete for the front sidewalk. Then I spent some time installing downspouts into the new drain inlets. I had to make a quick run to Home Depot to get some 3" couplers for the downspouts and picked up some patching cement to repair the step I had poked a hole through for a drain inlet. I patched the step and installed some more downspouts in the afternoon. I ran out of the patching cement so I'll get ome more and finish it later. It looked like a small hole? Leftover onion soup with toasted English muffins for lunch. Leftover stuffed bell peppers for dinner. I finished the broom finish at 1145 and then headed up to Palo Alto for the night and t pick up some tools.

Tuesday: (01/27) Up early and off to Home depot for a few things. I stopped at La Victoria, of course for breakfast. I finished installing all the dowwnspout . it was interesting finding the inlets I installed seven u=years ago because the tops were covered. I found the two i needed. One is for a new downspout to be, and the other i had some difficulty due to alignment problems. More fitting s needed for it, the new one will have to wait. I installed the replacemnt discharge pipe under the house for the basement sump pump to replace the hose its been using. A hot dog sandwich for lunch. I then prepared for the water main valve replacement. i removed the water meter pull box. last time i tried to shut the water off there it wouldn't budge with my tee handle valve wrench. I moved smoothly after I had more room to use a crescent wrench on it with the box gone. maybe i should have tried it with the tee wrench again. Maybe it was fixed? I then made a parts list. Lou came by and we e=went to dinner at Applebee's then i stopped by Home Depot again for the pipes and stuff for the water main valve replacement and relocation.

Wednesday: (01/28) Another nice day with a cool start. I Walked over to la Victoria for a burrito. I had scheduled with the San Jose tenants to shut off the water at 0900. While I waited, i finished installing the odd ball downspout connection to the drain system. I had to move over 6 inches and out four inches so I used four ellbows to get there. Fortunately, it worked. About o915 I was given the all clear and shut the water off. I was very lucky in that the old pipes came apart fairly easily even though they looked very rusted up. I installed them all about 32 years ago. I have always regretted reusing that original shutoff valve. It would never shut off all the way and usually leaked. Now, I've finally fixed it. 32 years, not bad. Even more amazing, the new pipes and fittings all went in easily and I had everything I needed. No extra trips to the hardware store to get anything. The pipes I had cut and threaded last night worked well. As part of the replacement I relocated the valve as well so it isn't in the way of the new sidewalk. Eventually i'll be installing a step where the valve was, but that's another project. Someday, I need to replace all the concrete on the front porch. I was finished an the water was back on by 1115. I had estimated 3-6 hours to complete the job. I then back filled the pipe trench and reset the water meter box which i had removed to access the street water valve. Then I prepped the form and rebar for the final section of the sidewalk. Another trip to Home Depot to return all the miscellaneous parts I didn't use including the extra pipe nipples I had gotten for the valve installation. I picked up some more concrete and a couple of pvc fittings to complete the job and had lunch at Five Guys hamburger joint. I have never been there before. it was a late lunch at 1400. When I got back, i poured the walkway. I knew I'd be up late finishing it but I want to have every thing finished by my departure tomorrow. After I poured the concrete I took a shower and visited the Grocery Outlet market for a few things for dinner. I was then continually setting the alarm on my phone for about two hours distant to check and finish the concrete. I had a chicken pot pie for dinner. I knew it would be a long night when i poured concrete at nearly 5 pm. It was. I did the final brush finishing at 0600.

San Jose Drain 0061 San Jose Drain 0062
Ready for a new water line and valve.

San Jose Drain 0063 San Jose Drain 91422464994300
The fence is up. I need to start at the pipe coupler above right to install the new valve.

San Jose Drain 91422465023709 San Jose Drain 0064
Above left is the old valve. Above right is the new valve.

San Jose Drain 0065 San Jose Drain 0066
The new entrance where the old valve was located on the left. Right is the view of the new line path.

San Jose Drain 0069 San Jose Drain 0070
My crooked downspout. and thefinal sidewalk ready to pour.

San Jose Drain 0072
Just poured the last of the walkway.

Thursday: (01/29) I was up at 0715. Corned beef hash breakfast at the Flames restaurant. I stripped the form, back filled, regraded the flowerbed, and spread some bark ground cover. The Jeep was filled with the last of the extra dirt, and concrete debris, tools, and other job related materials. I also hooked up the sump pump. When I tested it, the tethered float switch didn't work properly due to the narrow basin. I had the same problem with the basement pump as well. I picked up a different type of float switch, installed it and it worked properly. Lunch at Straw Hat Pizza. I also tested the basement pump since I replaced it's discharge piping. My final task was to complete the concrete patch of the step where one of the drain inlets passed through. I had run out of patch cement on the first attempt. I then returned home with th cramed full Jeep and unloaded it. Lou made tacos for dinner. I then napped.

San Jose Drain 0074 San Jose Drain 0076
Starting to look good. The view down into the sump

San Jose Drain 0078 San Jose Drain 0079
Finished. The bark makes the difference.

San Jose Drain 0081 San Jose Drain 0086
My plywood lid will be replaced later when I get a piece of marine plywood. On the right is the patched step.

San Jose Drain 0087 San Jose Drain 0088
The left front of the hose has grown out some but the trench line is visible. i added bark to the trench line as well.

San Jose Drain 0089 San Jose Drain 0090
Wow, It almost looks good again.

San Jose Drain 0091
All this for that. The water does make it to the street. I do intend to install a better discharge if I can ever find one.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Catching Up On Sleep

Saturday: (01/24) I enjoyed my first good nights sleep for a few day. No late night cement finishing to do. I intend to do even more resting this weekend. Off to our Saturday markets visits. Lou fixed bacon eggs and potatoes for breakfast. I emptied out the Jeep and vacuumed and cleaned it out. I also wiped all the dust from the ouside, a sort of waterless wash job. Hopefully there wont be too much more dirty loads. I then collected some materials for the project. Lou's French onion soup for lunch.

Sunday: (01/25) Lou made almond flour waffles with peanut butter and jam for breakfast. Dawn has a cold and is recovering. Lou and I were off shopping each in our own directions. I stopped at two REI stores looking for a pair of convertible hiking pants to replace the pair that I ripped last week. On my way, I had some hot and soupr soup for lunch from Lucky Chinese restaurant. Just some insurance against catching Dawn's cold. Lou was busy trimming the berry vines. I made stuffed bell peppers for dinner.



Friday, January 23, 2015

Pescadero Creek County Park Loop Hike

Friday: (01/24) Lou made a nice breakfast sandwich. I was then picked up by Jessica and we headed up the hill to Pescadero County Park where she led the hike on a new route. Parts of our route were on trails I've led hikes on before but her route made a great loop through the whole park. The hike was 11.3 miles and took us 5.5 hours. A great day. Our hike visited my favorite grandfather tree which looks like a candelabra, and a tar infested creek. Our lunch spot was in a deep gorge by a waterfall. Here is my GPS track for the hike. Leftover lentil soup for dinner.

Pescadero Creek County Park Loop 20150123_113811
Some nice tall trees along the trail.

Pescadero Creek County Park Loop 20150123_114456 Pescadero Creek County Park Loop 20150123_114532
Some nice orange mushrooms several places along thr trail, also some nice orange shoes.

Pescadero Creek County Park Loop 20150123_121217 Pescadero Creek County Park Loop 20150123_143416
Our lunch spot in a gorge with a waterfall on the left above. On the right above is some tar in the Tarwater Creek.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Wrapping Up

Monday: (01/19) I was up early and off to San Jose. I stopped at U-save Rockery for some concrete mix then on to the San Jose house. The usual breakfast burrito at La Victoria. As I walked through the campus it was rather different because of the MLK holiday. Just a little activity at the construction projects, no students. When I went outside this morning I was rather shocked to see it had rained and was drippy. San Jose was the same. My start time and intended projects to do today needed to change. No pouring of concrete today, maybe a little trenching if it dries out some later. I walked downtown to the Valley Transit Service Center and upgraded my Clipper Card, the regional transit fare card, to a Senior Card to take advantage of the lower fares. Otherwise it would be happy to deduct the full fares. I also stopped by the Grocery Outlet Market to get a few things. When I got home I had a salad and fried up some sausage I had bought. About 1230 I headed outside to get to work. It had dried out enough. I move th fence sections to make a bypass for the sidewalk so that when I trench and pour the concrete, people can still get by without going into the street by walking on the lawn. I then got to work with the jackhammer breaking out part of the concrete for the trench. I'll break the rest out later before replacing the entire squares of walkway. The digging was fun, only nine feet of trench to the back of the curb but lots of huge cedar roots to be chipped out. It was getting dark as I was backfilling and tamping the trench which I filled to the top so I could open the sidewalk again. Tomorrow the RV should be ready for pickup in the late morning so i wont be able to pour the sidewalk. So Wednesday I'll break out the rest of the sidewalk and replace the concrete. It's just a temporary patch since I want to replace the whole South side of the sidewalk later to level it. It's quite tilted due to the old cedar tree that was there. Leftover corned beef hash for dinner. I made a corned beef hash and cheese sandwich. It was Mystery Night on the PBS TV station tonight.

San Jose Drain Trench Through Sidewalk 0035 San Jose Drain All The Pipes Nade It To Curb 0038
The trench across the sidewalk.

San Jose Drain Bypass 0036 San Jose Drain Ready For The Night 0043
Work area (open Trench) on left and all backfilled and ready for the night on the right.

Tuesday: (01/20) Granola for breakfast.

San Jose Drain Last Sidewalk Crossing 0048 San Jose Drain Waiting To Dry 0049
I finished routing the future water line to the meter box and backfilled the remaining trench. I then broke out the rest of the concrete for the two 3'x3' sections I need to replace and added some baserock underneath. I setup the mixer and poured the replacement sidewalk. I used commercial grade 5000 psi concrete mix. I usually just use the ordinary concrete mix from Home Depot. One problem was that I could only get the concrete in 80# bags, not my usual 60# bags so a little extra effort was needed today. Plus, my mixer barely takes two 60# bags so I could only mix 1.5 80# bags at a time. All went well then I spent the rest of the day finishing and cleaning up and defending the concrete. I didn't do the final finishing until after midnight. A hotdog sandwich for lunch. I walked over to La Victoria and got some chili rellenos for dinner.

Wednesday: (01/21) When i checked the sidewalk this morning I found one small graffiti marking, about 4"x6"/ It was done late after I did the brush finish after midnight. I worked it out and it seems to be OK now. I was off first thing to Home Depot to get some dobbies (Small pieces of concrete that support the rebar) and also get some plastic to mask the nicely painted house for splatter protection. Next I stopped at La Victoria for my breakfast burrito.

San Jose Drain Sump Area 0051 San Jose Drain Front Sidewalk Open For Business 0055
Then I did some final prep and started mixing and pouring concrete. I poured the area around the mouth of the sump basin. It's interesting because it has some of everything to make it more difficult. It has a slope on one side to meet the driveway, a fence post anchor, and it needed a lip  around the sump opening to allow for an inset lid. I never found a good lid for the sump so I'm making it and the opening for it. Lou and Dawn met me for lunch as I finished the pour just before noon and brought a burrito from Super Taqueria. I opened the front sidewalk to pedestrians. I also reinstalled most of the fencing that i removed for the pedestrian detour and work access. I did other cleanup as I was waiting and finishing the concrete. About 1530 i got a call for Leale's RV saying the motorhome was ready. I headed over and picked it up and returned to the worksite. I had to hookup the Jeep and the shop then disconnect it when I got back to the worksite. It wont fit in the length between driveways. I can't get away until later to deliver it to Palo Alto. I had dinner from KFC and waited and finished the concrete until 2000 then hooked up the Jeep and headed up to Palo Alto. I unhooked the Jeep and unloaded the load of concrete debris and excess dirt, then parked the RV in the driveway. I was then off returning to San Jose. My two hour absence evidently wasn't long enough. The concrete is quite slow drying in the cool air so I'll be up late again.

Thursday: (01/23) A trip to Home Depot to get some more bags of concrete and some downspout materials. On the way home i stopped at Jack In The Box for a Loaded Breakfast Sandwich. I finished pouring a section of the new walkway before noon. A hot dog and cheese English muffin for lunch.  I installed the three downspouts I had bought material for. All went well so now I'll get the material for the other eight I need to do.  Next week I'll install those downspouts, pour another section of the walkway, Install and test the sump pump, and possibly replace the main water valve which is leaking. I only want to finish things up, not get bogged down into a lengthy bunch of work that can wait. During my wait time I cleaned up the area and put thinks away. Unfortunately, the concrete dries very slowly due to the temperatures so i couldn't do the final finishing until 0200 then I headed up to Palo Alto for the rest of the night. Dinner from a new place Burittozilla.


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Blue Grass

Saturday: (01/17) We did our weekly grocery shopping trip first thing. I made corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. My major project for the day was a binge  TV watching of the fifth season of "Justified". Hot dog sandwich for lunch. Spaghetti squash with walnut olive oil sauce for dinner. Our front lawn is generally starting to green up some due to the rains but tonight we were more in to some bluegrass. We then were off to a bluegrass concert in Mountain View. The Tuttles with A.J. Lee and John Mailander were the guests. Excellent local group.

Sunday: (01/18) Dawn made boysenberry pancakes for breakfast. Our microwave died yesterday so we were off to try to get it replaced. We bought it at Fry's Electronics. If you have read this blog's entries for a little over a year ago, we had some problems getting a microwave oven to work. our existing one died after 4-5 years of service, then our backup died. We then purchased a new Daewoo oven at Fry's only to have it die shortly thereafter. They replaced it under the warranty and the replacement died a day or two later. We returned the second dead one for full credit and bought  new Panasonic oven. That one did 5 months later in May and Fry's replaced it under the two year warranty we had purchased. So all was well until yesterday when that Panasonic microwave oven died as well. No problem, we had a two year warranty with only a year having passed. We stopped in at the Palo Alto Fry's and they would have replaced it but didn't have that model in stock. So we had them chenc nearby and their Sunnyvale store had a bunch. We headed over there and they were ready to replace it but then the manager noticed the replacement that occurred in May and pointed out some more words in the warranty. It was a two year one-time replacement warranty, not a warranty for two years. We, like most people were considering it a two year warranty.. That's what most places provide. It is covered by Panasonic so now we will try to have it repaired. It is quite obvious we are not having good luck with our microwave ovens. No, the problem is not the power to the ovens. There is a monitor on the line and no problems reported. The adventure continues. A couple of lessons learned though. Read the fine print and but future appliances from some place other than Fry's. We then stopped for lunch at the Country Inn restaurant in San Jose nd did some shopping. I looked around REI and Lou and Dawn a nearby thrift store. I needed a replacement sun shirt and a new pair of hiking pants. I found a good shirt but while the had the type and size of pants I needed, they didn't have the color I wanted so I find the pants at one of their other stores or online. I, of couse, did find a few other necessary items as well. One item was a bag for my bear canister that allows it to be tied on top of my backpack. Carrying ten days of food and the canister would definitely fill up my pack. Hot and sour soup from Lucky Chinese restaurant for dinner.


Friday, January 16, 2015

Steven's Creek Trail Hike

Stevens Creek Trail 0032 Stevens Creek Trail 0033

Friday: (01/16) Breakfast with Jack , as usual. I met my fellow hikers in Sunnyvale. We hiked the Steven's Creek Trail from it's Southern Terminus to the bay and back, about 9.6 miles total. Not like our usual hikes which include a lot more elevation change. Dim Sum for lunch.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Trying To Finish Up

Monday: (01/12) I walked over to La Victoria for my breakfast burrito. On my way I checked out the progress on the construction projects on the San Jose University campus. I noticed they closed the final opening in the wall of the new Health Building. That project has gone quite quickly. Most of the Interior finishing is complete as well. I was at work before 0900. I installed the sump discharge pipes and restored some of the sprinkler pipes that were added or in the way of the trench. I also did the final dig out for the walkway and placed all the baserock I had. I also took a couple of loads of dirt up to Palo Alto and stayed there for the night. I had a hotdog sandwich for lunch. Lou made some shrimp chow mein for dinner.

San Jose Drain Sump Basin 0002 San Jose Drain 0003 San Jose Drain 0004
Sump basin, Dug out for new sidewalk and finishing the piping.

Tuesday: (01/13) Lou made a Denver omelet for breakfast. I was off to the dentist, Lou and Dawn to an appointment. The dentist finished replacing an old filling and I was off to get more baserock then to San Jose. I had picked up lunch on the way and ate lunch before starting work. I installed some forms for the sidewalk and sump area. I also backfilled some of the open trench. Yesterday I estimated I needed 6 more buckets of base for the walkway area so when I picked up the baserock I got 14 buckets. i didn't want to be short and have to make another trip. But, I ended up only using two buckets so I have a lot of extra base. Not to worry, I'll use it when I replaced the street sidewalk that I'll be doing later or in Palo Alto when I get to work there installing more walkways replacements. It does present a potential problem in that it ties up 12 buckets of my 20 buckets so I have fewer to haul debris and dirt. Fortunately, I may not have much more of that to haul. I just have to do the last 15 feet of trench for the discharge pipes from the sump pumps out to the park strip. Not too deep but does require I get past the sidewalk.

San Jose Drain Sidewalk Forms 0005 San Jose Drain New Sprinkler vlve loction 0006
Starting the sidewalk forms and the sprinkler pipes at the future sprinkler location.
Not a lot accomplished today and tomorrow is another day away from the project so just Thursday to get some thing done. I returned to Palo Alto for dinner. Lou made tacos.

Stanford Waiting Line For Cheryl Strayed Talk 0012
Tonight Dawn and I went to Stanford to the Stanford Storytellers meeting to listen to Cheryl Strayed speak. I thought it might be popular but not as popular as we found. The theater seats 587 and they were to seat students and alumni first. We hoped for one of the remaining seats since there were no tickets for the event but first come first seated. When we got there about 15 minutes early we were way back in a line of probably over 3000 people. Since no one made any announcements we all waited until 20 minutes after it was to start before someone finally came out and said there was no room. Not really well managed but it was nice to be there with a whole lot of optimists.

Wednesday: (01/14) Leftover stuffed peppers for breakfast. Most of the morning was spent looking for a scooter for Dawn on the Internet. About 1130 we all went to lunch at LUU Noodles. We dropped Dawn off at a class and Lou and I went to an appointment. About 1500 I was off toward San Jose. I stopped at Home Depot for concrete, and looked at downspout materials at HD and Lowe's neither has what I really want (need). Together, maybe? I also stopped at Harbor Freight and bought a multitool and blades so I can trim the ump tube. Then I took a short walk around the SJSU campus and notice a neighbor who just opened his taco cart next to the campus. So I tried a couple. Pretty good. To make it an almost all day of doing nothing, I spent the evening browsing Youtube for music I liked. For dinner I picked up a couple of tacos from a taco stand by the university.

San Jose Drain 0013 San Jose Drain Trench half filled 0016 San Jose Drain Trench backfilled and replanted 0018 San Jose Drain Secured For The Weekend 0023
Thursday: (01/15) Another breakfast burrito from La Victoria then a look around San Jose State University's construction projects. Then it was time to get to work. I dug the trench across the front lawn, installED the pipes and back filled the trench.

San Jose Drain Side Walk and Sump Forms 0027 San Jose Drain Concret Bag Storage 0031
Then I spent some time on the form for the sump top to accept a lid. Next week I hope to really finish up by getting the pipes across the sidewalk and park strip and pour a bunch of concrete walkway.

San Jose Drain 0024 San Jose Drain Ready For The Weekend 0025
All cleaned up and secured for the weekend. Lunch was another hot dog sandwich. corned beef and cabbage leftovers for dinner.