Friday, June 25, 2004

Remembering The Last Big Trip

Our last big trip was 24 years ago. Lou and I and our two dogs in a VW van for 6 weeks. We had no particular plans just like now. We left San Jose headed leisurely North. Spent several days in Yakima Washington with relatives. Went on north to Vancouver and Victoria. East through Glacier NP. Down through Yellowstone, went by Mt Rushmore, to Pikes Peak. More relatives and friends in Wyoming and Colorado. We then looked at the calendar and noticed we had been gone for four of our six weeks already. We dashed East through Chicago, Niagara Falls, Boston, New York City, Atlantic City, Philadelphia (met up with one of my brothers) and Washington DC. Headed to Nashville, Mammoth Caves, to Miami (Met up with the other brother). We went down to the Everglades and to Key West. Checked the calendar again, two days left. We headed West, 24 hour a day team driving. Stopped in Kansas for some business, and Las Vegas for a short visit, then home, on time. Total trip, over 14,000 miles. It was quite fun but this time, we'll slow it down some.
Three more work days and off we go!

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Getting Close!

Today, we took a hike on the Tarwater Loop Trail in Memorial County Park in San Mateo County. This is a wonderful trail, except for the fact it starts out down hill and returns uphill. It passes through a wonderful redwood tree grove where a shingle mill used to be. The second growth trees are looking good now, possibly a hundred years later. There is one tree above the grove a ways that is obviously old growth and it is magnificent! We took a side trip over to the Pescadero Creek for lunch. The return up the hill is through the South side of the hills and is much more dry. This is where the critters are usually found such as a herd of deer, gray fox, bob cats, etc, on previous hikes here, but today, nothing.
Only eight work days left before this type of day could become the norm.

Thursday, June 3, 2004

Awaiting The Big Trip

We will be starting an extended trip in July. We'll be going to Portland, Oregon for a friends wedding and Cheyenne, Wyoming to see Don's sister. No other real plans yet other than to see what's down the road. For now its just prep time.