Tuesday, February 1, 2022


Tuesday: (02/01) I started by making breakfast sandwiches for all. Then off to Russian Ridge OSP where I met a couple of fellow San Jose Midweek Hikers and hiked the Bay Area Ridge Trail through the preserve. *.1 mile and 3 hours later, I returned home for a shower. Lou picked up a pizza for lunch from Pizza-Chicago. Then we all went shopping at the Grocery Outlet. Lou made spaghetti squash with shrimp and green beans for dinner.

Wednesday: (02/02) Granola and banana for breakfast. A cold and very windy day. I tinkered inside all morning. I attended my morning Alpha Software webinar. Chilli and toast for lunch. I made a rice, pepper and beef dish for dinner. In the afternoon and evening I worked at downloading missing photos from my laptop and organizing the photo folders. I still need to rename a lot and post the best to the blog.

Thursday: (02/03) Granola and banana for breakfast. I weeded the front yard and walkways before lunch. Leftover rice with peppers and beef for lunch. Our tenant emailed that the fence at the San Jose house had been hit by a tractor. I drove down for a look. I spoke with the contractor and they will be repairing it. I pointed out the pickets are redwood and the rails and posts are pressure treated. I then headed out to visit the Ram van dealer on Capitol Avenue in South San Jose. They had a nice used van on the lot with 51k miles. I spoke with a salesman and found out it sold for $45k yesterday. I also confirmed they are selling new vans at $7.5k above MSRP. Likely the same at all bay area dealers. I stopped by Smart And Final Market for a couple of things on the way home. A little more work in the yard and I also sorted the recycle cans and bottles. A ham and cheese sandwich for dinner.

Friday: (02/04) Up at 0500 to get ready for a hike. After a shower and breakfast sandwich, I was off to Art’s house to carpool down to Pinnacles National Park. Tara was leading a copy of my hike Tuesday before last. She calls it a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) hike. I decided to join her on her hike. Never too much of Pinnacles. We were a group of 15 and enjoyed a nice day. We were lucky and got to see two condors but not too closely. We finished up about 1530. Art’s car is a Bolt electric. We had to stop for a 15 minute charge in Holister on the way down and another 30 minute charge time on the way back. While it was charging I had a snack from Panda Express chinese food of rice and walnut shrimp. Back home, after a shower I had some chili for the rest of my dinner.

Saturday: (02/05) Granola and a banana for breakfast. I lounged in bed/the office much of the morning. I did make a plan for an almost new hike, not done since 2013. I scheduled it for next Tuesday to hike from Pichetti Ranch OSP, through Stevens Creek Park to Maisie’s Peak in Fremont Older OSP. Leftover chili for lunch. In the afternoon I finally got outside. The day had warmed nicely. I weeded the raised succulent garden and the swing garden spot. Dawn made sauerbraten over baked potatoes for dinner.

Sunday: (02/06) Granola and banana for breakfast. Lou and I went shopping at Walmart’s Neighborhood Market and Sprout’s Market. Shepherds pie for dinner.

Monday: (02/07) Hamburgers for breakfast. We had breakfast for lunch from A Good Morning restaurant. I worked in the afternoon weeding the new garden. I also drained the holding tanks and filled the water on the RV. Leftover sauerbraten over baked potatoes for dinner.

Tuesday: (02/08) I made my usual hikers breakfast, a fried toast sausage egg and cheese sandwich. I headed up to Pichetti Ranch to meet my fellow SJMW hikers. I had 13 hikers on thi hike. We headed out Zinfandel Trail the up Lookout trail into the Fremont Older Preserve to Maisie’s Peak. We returned via the Coyote Ridge Trail and the Tony Look Trail through Stevens Canyon County Park. About 9.4 miles and 2010 feet of climb. On the way home I picked up lunch at the China Wok Restaurant on Mary Avenue in Sunnyvale. For dinner we pickup salads from Panera Bread.

Wednesday: (02/09) Waffles with sausage for breakfast. I tinkered on the computer much of the day including my usual Wednesday webinar. Hamburgers for lunch. In the afternoon, I did a little garden weeding. I contacted my credit union auto representative about locating the van I want to convert to an RV. Scrambled eggs with sausage and toast for dinner.

Thursday: (02/10) Granola and a banana for breakfast. In the morning I got a call back from the Credit Union Autoland representative I talked with yesterday. He was unable to locate the van I’m interested in on the ground so I ordered exactly what I wanted, a Promaster van equipped for RV conversion. Lunch at Panera Bread. I enjoyed an Asian Salad and French Onion Soup. BBQ ribs with tater-tots and corn on the cob for dinner. I work on sourcing materials for the van. Also preordered the compost toilet.

Friday: (02/11) I made a late corned beef hash breakfast. I also started some pork, sauerkraut and potatoes in the slow cooker for dinner. My major task for the day was to start locating materials and parts for the van build.

Saturday: (02/12) Granola for breakfast. I prepared a hike plan and posted the hike for Tuesday. Lou and Dawn were off with Meili to a free garage sale first thing. Later, we all went to the Palo Alto High School flea market. I rode my bike. On My way home I visited the Arizona Cactus Garden at Stanford and got a Tiger Chai at Coupa Cafe on campus. Harry’s Haufbrau prime rib and lasagna for lunch. I worked in the yard in the afternoon. I cleaned up a flower bed in preparation to plant berries there. I cleared the area and now need to till the soil and mix compost in. I had leftover lasagna for my dinner.

Sunday: (02/13) Leftover corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. I worked on tilling and de-rooting the new berry planter spot. I broke about 1330 for a shower and lunch. A ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. I went grocery shopping at Walmart neighborhood market for a few things. The real reason for my outing was to get more 5 gallon buckets. Harbor Freight had none so I stopped at Lowe’s and got 6 more. I like to have 14 for a full load in the little car but so many have found other uses since my last hauling project. I need to dispose of some of the heavy clay soil and bring home some compost to mix in. Leftover sauerkraut, potatoes and pork for dinner.

Monday: (02/14) I had some leftover pork and potatoes for breakfast. Lou and I were off to Kaiser for her appointment after noon. I dropped her off and drove around nearby exploring. I picked up a late lunch at Wok On Express Chinese food. I picked Lou up at about 1600.

Tuesday: (02/15) I made my usual ham, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich to start. I was off to Tarwater Trailhead to lead my hike with 7 other hikers forn SJMWH group. We hiked down Tarwater Trail, up Canyon Trail and down East Brook trail to Jones Gulch. We enjoyed seeing a waterfall there that usually isn’t there. We hiked back on the Pomponio Trail and up the Shingle Mill Trail to our start. I had leftover sauerkraut, potatoes and pork for a late lunch. A little leftover chopped salad for dinner.

Wednesday: (02/16) I prepared sauerkraut potatoes with ham and eggs for breakfast. Lou made grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. I filled the second compost bin with leaves from the roof of the garden shed. I wasn’t able to work on my planned project of filling my buckets with the heavy clay soil where I’m going to plant the black berries. It had flooded. Evidently I didn’t turn off the sprinklers fully and they water on Tuesday. I did make a run to the Sunnyvale dump to trade in all our can and bottles at the recycle center. Lou made tater tots with chicken nuggets and corn on the cob for dinner.

Thursday: (02/17) Granola for breakfast. Lou made tuna stuffed tomatoes for lunch. Spaghetti squash with shrimp for dinner. I dug out and loaded 16 buckets of clay soil and took it to the Smart Transfer station in Sunnyvale. Unfortunately, my city of Palo Alto didn’t renew their contract with Sunnyvale so, effective January 1st, I can't use their site for disposal. They did provide a list of other locations Palo Alto residents can dispose of stuff. I drove further down to Santa Clara and dumped at the Mission Trails transfer Station. Worked well. Back home I dug out and loaded 15 more buckets with clay dirt. I ruined one of the buckets on the previous trip. The Transfer Station hours are 0600-1400 so I couldn’t transport the second load today. Also, the convenience of being able to fill the buckets on the return trip with compost is lost because Mission Trail doesn’t have compost. I’ll have to get it at a park in Palo Alto.

Friday: (02/18) Eggs, sauerkraut potatoes and toast for breakfast. I headed off early to the dump to get rid of another load of dirt. I stopped at REI on the way home and traded my new pants for a better (larger) size. Darn covid. I also stopped by Lowes and bought some manure and planter mix then at the city compost pile to fill all my buckets with compost. Back home I had leftover ham and pea soup. I then mixed the compost and tilled soil on the first half of the new berried bed. Another trip to get more compost. On the way back home I stopped to watch the installation of a modular home section. They seemed to be having some kind of problem. By 1530 they were just setting the second section in place. That seemed to have taken many hours and there is only a couple of more hours of daylight. I returned home and continued to roto till the remaining half of the bed. I need to go down another 6 inches then mix in the compost. Lou made stuffed bell peppers with baked potatoes and asparagus for dinner.

Saturday: (02/19) 0620 I drove Lou up to Redwood City to pickup Dawn at the Stanford Sleep Clinic. Granola and a banana for breakfast. More napping back home. When I did get up I prepared a hike for next Tuesday and posted it. Then it was outside to the backyard to continue with the berries bed. I completed the rototilling then back filled and mixed in the compost. I then mixed in some steer manure and topped it all with some garden soil mix. Then I planted the berries and the naled lady bulbs. Then a lot of cleanup and putting things away. I now have nicely washed buckets. Lou made a green salad with three beans and chicken for lunch. She also made chicken soup/stew for dinner. After a shower, I relaxed all evening.

Sunday: (02/20) Granola and a banana for breakfast. Lou and I went to the nursery to look around. I bought some seeds. We also visited ACE hardware and I bought some eyelets and wire. Back home, we installed the eyelets and wire on the fence to support the black berries. Dawn made soup for a late lunch. We had French fries from McDonald’s for dinner.

Monday: (02/21) Granola and banana for breakfast. We took a drive up toward Mill Brea traveling all the back roads and through neighborhoods we haven’t been in before. Lou and Dawn planned on having lunch at Jack’s in San Mateo but they were way too busy so we continued up to Neil’s in Mill Brea. We drove back stopping at a couple of Thrift stores in Burlingame and another in San Carlos. I had chilli and toast for dinner.

Tuesday: (02/22) I made a toasted egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast. I forgot to put in some bacon jerky so I ate it separately. I headed off to my Tuesday 0930 hike at Palo Alto Foothills Preserve. 12 fellow hikers joined me on the hike. Nice 7.8 mile loop around the park on a cold windy day. We finished a little after 1300. I drove up to Redwood City afterwards to look at a couple of vans at a used car lot. I noticed them yesterday on our drive. Three Ford high top short vans 2017-2018 with 70-80K miles each all around $40K. Short Ford vans would not be good for sleeping crosswise so the bed would take o too much of the interior. Also for only a $10K discount off a new vehicle, the price is way too much for a 70k mile vehicle. I may have to convert my little Hyundai yet. I picked up lunch for the USA Chinese restaurant in Redwood City on the way home. Back home and after a nice hower, I finally warmed up and relaxed the rest of the day. Dawn made pizza for dinner.

Wednesday: (02/23) Lou was off for an 0800 dental appointment. I heard off to ACE hardware early to pickup the cooler pads we ordered. We have to order them because coolers are not in much use in the bay area. At the store, I found that they were not in. It was a problem with the ACE computer system. I’ll have to check back later. Back home, I had granola for breakfast. Lou picked up salads from the Corner Bakery restaurant for lunch. Dawn made a caramel banana pie in the afternoon. I attended my Wednesday webinar and tinkered in the office and with the computer the rest of this very cold day. Leftover stuffed peppers for dinner.

Thursday: (02/24) Lou made omelets with grapes for breakfast. I had a sausage and cheese sandwich for lunch. I tinkered on the computer collecting tax information today. For dinner I made Lazy Man's enchiladas.

Friday: (02/25) Leftover omelet for breakfast. I delivered my broken tripod to Kol’s to return to Amazon. I then stopped by Walmart and bought some fuel canisters for my torch and a few other things since I was there. A ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. I tinkered in the office the rest of the day. Lou’s chili beans for dinner.

Saturday: (02/26) Granola for breakfast. We drove down to Gilroy for Dawn to deliver books to the Book Seller bookstore. We also visited the Camping World store for a look and several thrift stores. I managed to find two pairs of shorts and a shirt. For lunch, the best Cuban sandwich ever at the Garlic Cafe in downtown Gilroy. Leftover lazy man’s enchiladas for dinner.

Sunday: (02/27) Granola and banana for breakfast. I cleaned up the leaves behind the garden shed between it and the fence. I also cleaned up behind the tent and cottage. And, to stretch my efforts, I planted the succulent that Lou bought last week into my succulent garden. Lou’s three bean green salads for lunch. Leftover lazy man’s enchiladas for dinner.

Monday: (02/28) I prepared fried eggs with ham and toast for breakfast. We all did a little garden work. First, I had to bring out a little electric cultivator. I decided to try it instead of the rototiller. It would run so I started to clean it up from some caked on mud and disassemble it to see if I could fix it. Lou came over and discovered it might work better if the other end of the extension cord were plugged in. It did. The cord is always plugged in but for some reason she had unplugged it? It did a good job of cultivating and mixing in some fertilizer to the half of the swing garden. We have decided that the Swing Garden is mine, the New garden is Dawn’s and the Old Garden is Lou's. After that, I decided to go to Lowe’s to get some wire to make pest covers for my garden. We need to defend against crows and squirrels, especially for sprouted plants. I intend to plant seeds. On the way home I stopped for lunch at the China Wok Restaurant. I also stopped at Grocery Outlet for some things. Dawn made arrapa burgers for dinner.