Thursday, February 16, 2017

Darn Microwave Failed Again

Thursday: (02/16) I slept in. Leftover gnocchi with sausage for breakfast. I then spent some time moving the recent photos from my camera organizing and labeling them. I also got out the saw and located an appropriate board and mounted Dawn’s new headboard for her bed. For dinner I made enchilada casserole with some carnitas we picked up in Greenfield on our way home from San Luis Obispo.

Friday: (02/17) Leftover Mexican casserole for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Good stuff. Lou and Dawn were off to a rummage sale and errands all day. I tinkered at home. I recaulked the floor by the tub in our bathroom and around the kitchen sink.

Saturday: (02/18) Our microwave failed this morning. It lasted much longer than the previous 6 did but only 1.5 years. It had a 2-year warranty and the check for a replacement from Asurion is in the mail. Breakfast at A Good Morning Restaurant with Ernie this morning. We then visited Walmart, Sprouts Market, The Container Store, Home Depot, and Lowe's. Mostly looking for some fittings for some Elna shelving Lou is putting in her craft room and a new microwave. I decided to install Dawn TV in her room but needed a wall bracket. I visited Fry’s Electronics and got one and then returned to The Container Store to get Lou’s shelving parts. Back home I installed Dawn’s TV with some difficulty attaching the mount to the wall but all was good in the end. Still need to run an antenna cable. Leftover Mexican casserole for dinner.

Sunday: (02/19) Mostly no rain most of the day. Relaxed at home most of the day with a little trip out to an appointment before noon. I also finished off Dawn’s TV by hooking up the antenna and routing power more efficiently. The antenna was much easier when Lou found a lost cable behind a piece of furniture that had been forgotten. The last of the leftover Mexican casserole for breakfast. Dim Sum for lunch. Dawn made soup for dinner.

Monday: (02/20) Peach pie for breakfast. We all took a drive down to Morgan Hill to Anderson Reservoir to see it spilling over the top. Coyote river where it discharges is really high. Not as bad as the flood in the 80’s. The lake is obviously over full and is only allowed to be 68% full, a limit set due to potential failure during an earthquake. We have to hope the earth remains still until it gets back down. This current storm will likely be our last big one this season. On the way home, we stopped at Kaiser Hospital in Santa Teresa and checked out the link to the light rail station. We also stopped by the house in San Jose to see how the pumps are working. Working well. And finally, we stopped by the Coyote River near the house and the Guadalupe River downtown to see how high the water is. On the way home, we picked up some Chinese food for a late lunch/dinner.
Lake Anderson overflowing.

Tuesday: (02/21) Granola for breakfast. I started the crockpot with some pork, sauerkraut, and potatoes. I mostly tinkered at home until Amazon delivered the Roku stick and long extension cord I needed for Dawn’s TV. I had used a cord from the shop temporarily. In the evening we took a drive to look at our local creeks. They are tame unlike the flooding creeks in San Jose tonight. Lou and Dawn were off early to an appointment and some shopping.

Wednesday: (02/22) Fried sauerkraut potatoes with sausage and eggs for breakfast. Alex, my carpool driver, picked me up at 0915 and we headed up the mountain to Monte Bello Preserve for a hike with the SJMWH group. Jonathan led a 6.3-mile hike over muddy trails and lots of flowing water on a cool day with no rain. 17 hikers enjoyed the hike. When I got home I learned Lou had been in an accident in the new Jeep an hour earlier. Again, another driver hit her while she was waiting to make a left turn. While there doesn’t appear to be any damage to the Jeep it did aggravate Lou’s whiplash which she had only recently gotten better from the previous accident. I took her to urgent care at Kaiser for a checkup. I had a baked pork bun for lunch while I waited. Sausage and fried potatoes for dinner.


Thursday: (02/23) Fried sauerkraut potatoes with sausage and eggs for breakfast again. I took the Jeep to the dealer and made an appointment for tomorrow to have it checked for damage. I continued down to San Jose to Dawn's place. I installed the rest of the rain gutter filters *foam”. I ended up short three pieces and had to use some of the smaller pieces I had ordered previously in error. I then took a drive around the area to see what the flooding had done to our neighbors. Our place is only five blocks away from the flooding caused by Coyote Creek rising due to overflow from Anderson Reservoir. On the way home I got some egg rolls and shrimp from House Of Eggroll in Santa Clara. Leftovers for dinner. I had a pork chop with asparagus and fried potatoes. Today the Open House sign went up on the house across the street. It’s a monster house built seven years ago, a 5000+ sf house on a lot half the size of ours. Asking price is $3M. Another example of why when we do leave this area, we’ll never be able to return. Their selling price will help our selling price, that’s nice. But just realizing that we couldn’t even afford the property tax (over $3,300/M0) let alone the mortgage.

Thursday: (02/23) Fried sauerkraut potatoes with sausage and eggs for breakfast again. I took the Jeep to the dealer and made an appointment for tomorrow to have it checked for damage. I continued down to San Jose to Dawn's place. I installed the rest of the rain gutter filters *foam”. I ended up short three pieces and had to use some of the smaller pieces I had ordered previously in error. I then took a drive around the area to see what the flooding had done to our neighbors. Our place is only five blocks away from the flooding caused by Coyote Creek rising due to overflow from Anderson Reservoir. On the way home I got some egg rolls and shrimp from House Of Eggroll in Santa Clara. Leftovers for dinner. I had a pork chop with asparagus and fried potatoes. Today the Open House sign went up on the house across the street. It’s a monster house built seven years ago, a 5000+ sf house on a lot half the size of ours. Asking price is $3M. Another example of why when we do leave this area, we’ll never be able to return. Their selling price will help our selling price, that’s nice. But just realizing that we couldn’t even afford the property tax (over $3,300/M0) let alone the mortgage.

Friday: (02/24) We took the Jeep in for an inspection and service this morning. No apparent or hidden damage due to the accident. While it was at the car doctor we took a walk in the area shopping at a Walmart neighborhood market, Central Computer, Daiso, and CostPlus World Market. Then we went out for brunch at the Country Inn restaurant. Then on to San Jose stopping at a thrift store before going to the San Jose house to replace the smoke and CO alarms. I got a call this morning that one of them as beeping. I already had them on the list and even had the batteries in my car but today we are in the Jeep so I bought some more batteries on the way. After that, we toured the flooded area nearby then did some shopping before getting home. I baked a bunch of sausages and Dawn made cauliflower macaroni for dinner.

Saturday: (02/25) Laundry day today. Also prepping the RV to go again. Dawn and I took a walk over to see the donkeys at Bol park in the afternoon. Granola and banana for breakfast. Sausage and cheese sandwich for lunch. A trail meal for dinner, mashed potatoes, and spam. Lou and Dawn had liver and onions.
The donkey's at Bol Park.

Sunday: (02/26) Usual morning TV shows then an early trip to Walmart to buy the new microwave and some groceries. I received the check for the microwave from Asurion yesterday. Installed the new one and tossed the old one in the recycle bin. After tea in the yard, I cleared the rubber bark from half the garden so Dawn can start her garden. I spent much of the rest of the day working at the computer. Then I made a nice sauerkraut sausage hash and eggs for breakfast. About 1600 we went to LUU Noodle House for dinner.

Monday: (02/27) The last of the leftover sausage hash for breakfast. Our leftovers are something like mulligan stew. The hash included some of the potatoes and sauerkraut from dinner a few days ago. I had a dentist appointment at 1100 after which we went to lunch at Applebee’s. For dinner, we went to the Crepevine Restaurant with Courtney and Cecelia. About 2100 we headed off to San Jose to camp.

Tuesday: (02/28) Up at 0500 for Lou’s appointment Dawn and I had breakfast at The Crepe Cafe on Cottle Road. We relaxed all day at home. PBJ for lunch. About 1500 we took a walk around the neighborhood. On the way, Wes from my old workplace said high as he drove by. Subway sandwich for dinner. About 1630 we heard Lou was available and we spend the evening visiting.
A nice breakfast.

Wednesday: (03/01) Visited Lou then went to breakfast at Bill’s Cafe. Then off to Dawn’s apartment for showers. Another visit with Lou then nap time. Still trying to catch up for yesterday morning. Then I took Dawn to a doctor’s appointment. On the way home, we stopped for dinner at Aqui’s Restaurant. Then another visit with Lou.

Thursday: (03/02) I picked up breakfast from Jack In The Box. Dawn had leftovers. We made a quick visit with Lou then I headed off to Cupertino to the dentist to get a filling replaced. I returned to Blossom Valley and visited with Lou again. Dawn and I had lunch from Safeway, some baked potato bacon soup, and cornbread. I spent some time on the computer and Dawn visited the library. Another visit with Lou in the evening. Watched some YouTube and tinkered on the computer in the evening.

Friday: (03/03) A visit with Lou and then breakfast at Bill’s Cafe. We then went to Dawn’s apartment for showers. Another visit with Lou where we met Cecelia and Connelee. Fruit for lunch, apple for me mango for Dawn. Another visit with Lou then off to dinner at Castillio’s Mexican restaurant by Bill’s on Cottle Road. My combination had a nice chili relleno. Everything was like homemade. Much of the day was spent working at the computer and on the blog.
Our "campsite".

Saturday: (03/04) Leftover mac and cheese with sweet potato fries and BBQ ribs from Chili’s for breakfast. A couple of visits with Lou then we headed home to Palo Alto to pick up some things, take showers and get the mail. Picked up some dim sum for lunch on the way back to Blossom Valley. Computer tinkering and a visit to a farmers market then off to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes on Bernal Road.
Lou getting air.

Sunday: (03/05) We split the leftover burrito for breakfast. We visited with Lou much of the day. I picked up a sandwich and Dawn had a bagel for lunch. For dinner, we went separately next door to each other. I had dinner at Panda Express while Dawn at Panera Bread.

Monday: (03/06) PBJ toast for breakfast. I had Mountain Mike’s pizza buffet for lunch while Dawn had some Thai food. Busy learning in the morning and preparing for departure in the afternoon. About 1700 we checked out of Blossom Valley with Lou and headed home. Settle in at home in the evening. I prepared a roasted pepper bacon and cheese sandwich for dinner.

Tuesday: (03/07) I fixed a nice sausage potatoes and eggs breakfast. After 1000 I took the RV out to get gas and LPG. I did some shopping before returning home. Dawn made tomato bisque soup for lunch. Dawn was busy much of the afternoon making soup and custard. For dinner leftovers for Dawn and a chili size for me, with Lou having soup and custard.

Wednesday: (03/08) A nice sunny but cool day. I spent some time cleaning the house. Lou had a couple of appointments at the house this morning. After that, I went out on a shopping run. Granola for breakfast. Snacked for lunch. Baked chicken and potato for dinner.

Thursday: (03/09) Another sunny cool day. I didn’t do much today. We did go down to Mountain View for an appointment in the morning. I did a little shopping in the afternoon. Potatoes, sausage, and eggs for breakfast. Egg rolls from LUU Noodle house for lunch. Pork chops, baked potatoes and Southwestern corn for dinner.

Friday: (03/10) The smog returned today. Granola for breakfast. Dawn was off by train to Millbrae to a conference. I was off with Lou to an appointment in Blossom Valley later in the morning. On the way home, we picked up Cecelia in San Jose and did some shopping at Sprouts in Santa Clara where I finally found my favorite ciabatta bread and lemonade that have been missing from our own Sprout’s Market on recent visits. Chicken and cheese sandwich for lunch. Pork chop with baked potato and corn for dinner again.

Saturday: (03/11) Pie for breakfast. I was off early to watch the tower crane removal at San Antonio Mall. Amazing how fast they come down. Dawn was off to her conference in Millbrae again. Lou got to enjoy a day at home alone. I had a breakfast burrito from Safeway for lunch. Hot dogs for dinner.
 The construction crane removal I watched.

Sunday: (03/12) Granola for breakfast. Busy watching the Sunday morning TV shows. I was about 1000 for a hike. I drove by the tower crane removal to see if they were doing anything. Nope. Then up Page Mill Road to Skyline Blvd to Saratoga Gap where I parked and hike East on the Skyline Trail past Castle Rock. I wanted to see the slide that removed all of Skyline Blvd. I checked out both sides then returned. About 10.5 miles total. Lunch was tuna salad and crackers. I returned via Saratoga Road. At home, I had a late more substantial lunch of asparagus soup and wieners. Dinner was roast chicken with a baked potato.

The road slide near one of our hiking locations.

Monday: (03/13) Sausage eggs and potatoes for breakfast. Lou had an appointment in Santa Clara this morning. On the way home, we checked on the tower crane removal and the mobile crane that removed them. The tor crane was gone but the mobile remained and was not in use. I thought they would be removing it today.After the appointment, I worked in the greenhouse moving plants outside and re-potting some plants.A cottage cheese cup for lunch. Baked potatoes with chicken for dinner.

Tuesday: (03/14) A shopping run in the morning. I worked in the yard much of the afternoon. I opened up the greenhouse by removing the panels from the doors. We should be through with any freezes. Granola for breakfast. Dim Sun and Pepper fish for lunch. Spaghetti for dinner.

Wednesday: (03/15) I was enjoying my morning sleeping in when, about 0815, I remembered that I was supposed to take the RV in for a smog test at 0830. Off I went without even my tea. I pulled in at A! Foreign Auto Repair a tad late. Unfortunately they mache failed and they couldn’t complete the test so I went to the nearby smog test station that I’ve had to use in the past when A1’s machine was inop. The technician wasn’t in yet so I waited. As I waited I went over to McDonald’s for breakfast. I had to run the RV engine a total of about an hour to get it warmed up. Also had to squeeze it into a tight spot close to the shop door. With it not really running right and having low power, I was concerned it wouldn’t pass. All worth it since it passed. Unfortunately, I twisted my ankle walking around the RV at the shop so I canceled my hikes for tomorrow and Friday. I also need to really work on my plantar fasciitis and let foot tendonitis problems. It’s become very painful to walk recently, actually since last September when I left the PCT. Hasn’t really improved since and the twist today on the right foot really fixed me up. Chicken and cheese sandwich for lunch. Chili sizes for dinner.

Thursday: (03/16) Granola with a banana for breakfast. The morning was laundry time. For lunch tri-tip and cheese sandwiches. In the afternoon I did some culling of my junk in the study. Then on the way to get dinner at LUU Noodle House, I stopped at Goodwill and got rid of a couple of boxes of stuff. In the evening Dawn went to a meeting and I worked in the study scanning documents from old applications I developed. I have about five file boxes to scan.

Friday: (03/17) Leftover Chinese noodles for breakfast. I canceled doing a hike today because of my sore ankle. I went out shopping today before lunch visiting Zombie Runner to look at insoles, Sprout’s market for some veggies, the new Dick’s Sporting Goods store in Sunnyvale (which opened today), and finally a Wallmart’s Neighborhood Market for canned veggies. Lou needs canned vegetables and finding them in small individual sized cans isn’t easy. Walmarts neighborhood Markets has lots of them. On the way home I had a late lunch of a super burrito from Super Taqueria. At home, I fixed a broken drip system tube and did some gardening before dinner. This being St Patrick’s Day, we had some corned beef and cabbage for dinner.
Exploding wisteria pods.

Saturday: (03/18) Granola with diced apple for breakfast. Cherry pie and ice cream for lunch. Leftover pad thai for dinner. Today was overcast but nice. Lou and I took several walks around the neighborhood. We talked with a couple of neighbors and got permission to get some cuttings of nice plants. Otherwise just decluttering today.

Sunday: (03/19) Visited the hardware store and got some materials to modify the faucet by the greenhouse to have on faucet by each door of the greenhouse with their own short hose and sprinkler nozzle. I finished up the modification before dark. I planned to deliver the RV to the garage for some service tomorrow. So we emptied the refrigerator and shut it down. I also installed some cardboard over the carpet to protect from the grease of the mechanics. This shop is excellent mechanically but not for housekeeping Last time they got the carpets very dirty. I made some hamburger hash and eggs for breakfast. Leftover corned beef and cabbage for lunch and dinner.

Monday: (03/20) Granola and banana for breakfast. Leftover corned beef and cabbage for lunch. I took Dawn to an appointment in San Jose in the morning. For our morning walk Lou and I brought our pruning clippers/ Yesterday we talked with a couple of neighbors and this morning we took some clippings of plants we’re interested in. I potted them when we got home. I was supposed to deliver the RV to the shop for service but I called before going and the suggested I call tomorrow afternoon so they’ll have more room in the yard. PBJ sandwich for dinner
An interesting Little Library box in the neighborhood.

Tuesday: (03/21) I checked on a toilet that would shut off. Bad float valve. I tinkered in the yard some then I made a run to Home Depot to get some potting soil, plant stakes for the trees, and, a float valve for the toilet. I did some more document scanning in the evening. I also cleaned out our outside shower and took the first outside shower of the season today. So nice to have the fresh air and view of the sky. I made corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. Lou cooked some zucchini and sausage, filtered out the zucchini for her dinner and left the sausage for ours. Dawn added some rice to the sausage for our dinner. Lou can’t have fatty foods yet.

Wednesday: (03/22) I checked my todo list and started on the first task which was to fix some cabinets in the garage that had their adjustable shelves collapsing. The sides were bowing out and the space between had grown until the shelf pins didn’t hold the shelves. This simple task took all day to fix. I had to empty much of the materials stored in the cabinets, go to the hardware store to get materials, install the supports and then rearrange, clean and return the materials into the cabinet, disposing of some items that I could get away with. These are Lou cabinets. I didn’t just fix the one loose shelf but installed a threaded rod across all three cabinet sections to hold them all at the proper spacing. It worked. In the evening I took Dawn to an event related to the Wave that took place at Cubberley High School here, The event was at the campus with a lot of the folks that participated and included a film and discussions. She liked it. We had leftover corned beef hash and fried eggs for breakfast. Wieners and chips with hummus for lunch. Lou made hot chicken sandwiches for dinner.

On a walk in the neighborhood, I potted this cute succulent in a crack.

Thursday: (03/23) We all went grocery shopping at Walmart, Sprouts and Grocery Outlet. Dawn went to the Palo Alto Historical Society to see what they have. I took the RV over to BTN garage and left it to be looked at for the no power problem. As I walked home I stopped by REI, Best Buy, and a nursery to look at plants. I then stopped by Rick’s Ice Cream for a sample. We’ve lived in Palo Alto for 27 years and this was my first visit to Rick’s. Granola for breakfast. Chili and wieners for lunch. Gnocchi with hamburger for dinner.

Friday: (03/24) I spent too much time working on our bedroom light and fan. They quit a month or two ago, no power to either. I checked the switch, it hadn’t failed. Darn. So I disassembled the light and fan and both started working. I examined the connection and no problem found. So, to follow the old adage of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, I just reassembled it and all is right again. I did do a nice job cleaning the light fixture lenses and the fan blades in the process. We then drove over to IKEA for a walk. Today is raining well so the walk was inside. Later we did the same at the Container Store. Carnitas potato onion in scrambled eggs topped with cheese for breakfast. Grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.

Saturday: (03/25) Up earlier than normal for a recent Saturday. Dawn and I were off to San Jose to the County Government building to attend a town hall meeting with Dawn’s congresswoman Zoe Lofgren. She’s a former neighbor of ours when we lived in San Jose. She provided a report on recent events in Washington and idea of her direction in the future. Then she did a Q&A covering all sorts of matters. It was rather informative. Afterwards, Dawn and I had lunch at the Country Inn Restaurant before stopping by a couple of libraries in Los Altos and Mountain View on the way home. Nice mostly sunny day with no rain. I only accomplished one the task on my list today. I replaced the break-away switch on the Jeep. It was intermittent causing the brakes on the Jeep to be applied in error I wiggled the switch and it hasn’t been a problem for months but I ordered a replacement and finally installed it. Lou made a nice chicken pot pie for dinner.

Sunday: (03/26) Rain threatened but didn’t appear today. I spent a lot of time in the backyard potting, planting, grooming and seeding. We also visited the nearby Farmers market for one of our walks. Granola and banana for breakfast. Hot dog and cheese sandwiches for lunch. Mandarin orange salmon, rice, and corn for dinner.

Monday: (03/27) Today was overcast but no rain. I “attended” a webinar about the PCT through the Sierras this morning. After that, we went shopping at Costco. PBJ sandwich and leftover BBQ ribs for breakfast. I made corned beef hash for dinner.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Presidio Circumnavigation Hike

Wednesday: (02/15) L&L Hawaiian for breakfast. The usual sausage egg and cheese English muffin with donuts. Alex liked me up and we headed up to San Francisco picking up Rani in Burlingame. We met our fellow hikers at the Sports Basement store on the Presidio. We did a 1-mile hike circumnavigating the Presidio. The Lyon Street steps were a bear. After the hike, I set off on foot toward North Beach for pizza dinner at Golden Boy Pizza. Then I took a Muni train to the West Portal to a theater to see the movie La La Land. A nice new musical. Then homeward bound on Caltrain. About 16 miles walked today.



Monday, February 13, 2017

A New Headboard For Dawn

Monday: (02/13) Another nice sunny day. We were busy with appointments in San Jose all morning. In the afternoon we had some more errands. Also a visit to a thrift store scored us a new headboard for Dawn’s bed. Enroute to one of those we noticed an old yard bench swing. We returned later to pick it up after we had unloaded our new headboard. Leftover corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. A visit to Chevy’s Mexican restaurant for lunch. Sausage and baked beans with toast for dinner.

Tuesday: (02/14) Leftover hash for breakfast. Lunch at Dim Sum King. Lou made pasta and asparagus for dinner. I did a little shopping and tinkered in the shop. Lou and Dawn were off to appointments and a movie.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

A New TV For Lou

Sunday: (02/12) Lou and I were out to buy a new TV for her craft room, a Roku TV. I set it up for her. Nice simple setup. Interesting simple operation which is the same as all Roku boxes. A nice sunny day again today. Lou made corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. Lunch at LUU Noodle House. PBJ sandwich with some sausage salad for dinner.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Back Home For Storytelling

Saturday: (02/11) Dawn was off to a Storytelling conference. Lou and I had breakfast at A Good Morning Restaurant then took a walk on the Stevens Creek Trail. It was only about 3 miles one way for Lou and a return for me to get the car. We did some shopping on the way home. Our morning clouds turned into a clear sky in the afternoon so when we got home we had a late lunch and tea in the backyard. More hot and sour soup for dinner.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

SLO, El Churro Regional Park

Sunday: (02/05) On the road at 0730. Fueled up in town. Took highway 58 through Paso Robles to SLO El Churro Regional Park arriving about 1000. Relaxed at home. Leftovers for breakfast included more Chinese and Basque leftovers. Lunch included the last of the Basque leftovers, some Basque fried potatoes and some of Lou’s homemade mushroom soup. When I checked the tire pressure I found that the right rear inside tire was flat. Not good. I called road services about 1620 to put on the spare. There were a couple of calls ahead of mine so it took a while for the tech to arrive. About 1740 the tech from  Mark’s Tire Service arrived and repaired the loose valve stem extension on RR inside tire after removing the tire and inspecting for leaks. Also removed spare.

Monday: (02/06) Lou and Dawn had stuffed portobello mushrooms for breakfast. I had a sausage and cheese sandwich. We had about two inches of rain last night, still cloudy and rainy today. After breakfast, I took a walkabout the campground and walked over to the Arboretum and up the hill. Lots of water in the creeks, lots of mud everywhere. Beautiful flowers in the arboretum. We headed off to downtown San Luis Obispo doing shopping and looking. For lunch, we headed off to Pismo Beach with the intent of lunch at Pismo Fish and Chips. That didn’t work out because they are closed Mondays. So we head over to Country Kitchen Restaurant in Arroyo Grande. Then visits to thrift stores, bookstores and hardware stores before coming back to SLO to Costco for a walk out of the rain. Chili sizes for dinner.



Tuesday: 02/07) Granola and bananas for breakfast. We headed back to Grover Beach, Arroyo Grande and Pismo Beach. Thrift stores, bookstores, etc. Lunch at the Pismo Fish And Chips restaurant. On the way home, we visited three more thrift stores. During the day my cold got worse so we stopped at the Golden Gong restaurant for some hot and sour soup, the magic cold elixir. Soup and a fortune cookie for dinner.

Wednesday: (02/08) No rain. More Hot and Sour Soup for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a grilled cheese sandwich thrown in at lunch. I remained home all day my cold. Lou and Dawn were out in Grover City area shopping all day. I watched a lot of Jag’s first season and the movie The Best Marigold Hotel. Nice movie.

Thursday: (02/09) No rain. Lou made scones for breakfast. Relaxing around home and took a walk around the park in the morning. Lunch was more hot and sour soup. We did some house and lot hunting around Grover Beach in the afternoon. Dinner at Pismo Fish and Chips again. Lou and Dawn enjoyed a campfire in the evening until it started raining.

Friday: (02/10) PB toast for breakfast. It was raining again today making breaking came that much more fun. We were on the road by 1030. We remained separate vehicles until after Cuesta Grade North of San Luis Obispo. We stopped for lunch in Greenfield at the San Miguel market. Dawn and I shared a torta and we had some flan. Lou had a seafood salad with chips. Another stop in Salinas at the mall where I took a nap while Lou and Dawn took a walk in the mall. After a stop for some gas, we were home by 1600. Dinner was leftover enchilada casserole.